Care workers cross Europe’s east-west divide

Every two weeks, Alena Konecna packs her bags to leave her own mother and daughter at home in Slovakia and travel some 400 kilometres (250 miles) across the border into Austria to take care of someone else’s mother. As citizens across the continent prepare to vote in May’s European Parliament elections, 40-year-old Konecna is an example of those who regularly take advantage of one of the EU’s most important pillars: the free movement of labour.

Amid worries over Russia, Sweden returns troops to Baltic island

Under an icy rain, camouflage-clad Swedish soldiers crouched behind a log pile, aimed their machine guns towards the Baltic Sea and, at their officers’ barked orders, opened fire down the snow-covered range. It was routine training for the young recruits based on the Baltic island of Gotland, but these troops are at the forefront of Sweden’s efforts to bolster its military as Stockholm worries about Russian intentions in Europe and the Baltic.

10th edition of Festigraff graffiti festival opens in Dakar

The tenth edition of the Festigraff graffiti festival opens in the Senegalese capital. Lasting for a week, the festival will feature work by graffiti artists from across Africa and Europe, as well as film screenings, concerts and debates about graffiti in Africa and beyond.

Survivors seek compensation 25 years after MS Estonia sinking

Twenty five years after the worst civil maritime disaster in Europe left 852 people from 17 different countries dead or missing, a thousand survivors and their families are seeking compensation from Bureau Veritas, the French registrar of the MS Estonia, a cruise ship that sank off the coast of Finland in 1994. The ferry manufacturer is also summoned to appear before Nanterre’s High Court. IMAGES

Cuba’s worker bees boost thriving honey business

In the floral valleys of Cuba’s Matanzas province, bees are flourishing through old-fashioned farming, without the threat of pesticides that have decimated populations across the world, and their organic honey, which has found a ready-market in Europe, has joined rum and cigars as one of Cuba’s quality exports.

Danny Byrd – Starting It Over (feat. Hannah Symons) [Turno Remix]

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Taken from Danny Byrd’s latest whirlwind funk adventure ‘Atomic Funk’ is ’Starting It Over’ (ft. Hannah Symons); a formidable blend of rugged jungle flavours running in unison with gorgeous silky soul and R&B style vocals. The original has been kicked into overdrive by none other than Turno, who Danny Byrd himself states “…is the man of the moment – he’s turned this old school jungle roller into something loud and tearing for 2019!”

Danny Byrd returned after a five year hiatus with his huge album ‘Atomic Funk’ that includes previous singles ‘Devil’s Drop’, ‘Holy Star’, ‘Hold Up The Crown’ and ‘Salute’ ft MC GQ. He’s garnered huge support from BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac and MistaJam, as well as securing his own BBC Radio 1 Residency monthly slot, representing drum & bass across the airwaves. Danny Byrd continues his worldwide tour in 2019, after venturing across the UK, Europe, USA, China, Australia and New Zealand.

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