Euph – Right Here

Forthcoming on the ‘Australian Connection’ VA LP via Lifestyle Music on the 8th of May!


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Noisia Radio S02E18

This week we serve you our freshly baked exclusives from our own imprints and force feed you the jazz Nik and Thijs will never finish. Topped with some freshly harvested music and a Mr Oizo classic on the side!

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Noisia & Mono/poly – The Nomad [DIVISION]
Survey – You Wonder [INVISIBLE]
Molecular – Reaching Out [COUNTERPOINT]
Whiney – Guardians [HOSPITAL]
Euph – Hiatus (Arkaik Remix) [FLEXOUT]
Disprove, Signal and Audeka – Ritual [BAD TASTE]
Noisia – Deception (Noisia Edit) [RAM]
Lynx Feat. Calibre – Voyager [DETAIL]
Owneath – Overload [DEMAND]
Lewru & Jupe – Make It Work [DARUMA DIRECT]
Volatile Cycle – Wrench [RENEGADE HARDWARE]
NU4M – Dark Energy (Kije_ Remix) [TAM]
Razat – Small [SOUNDCLOUD]
The Upbeats – Elevator [VISION]
imprompty jazz jam because fun.mp3
Question Time!
Mr Oizo – Last Night A Dj Killed My Dog [F COMMUNICATIONS]
IamThinkTank – Higher Powers [LISTENER SUBMISSION]

Noisia Radio S01E20

This week our show features all three of us, a crazy new track from Phace and Culprate plus a whole lot more to tickle your brain genitals.

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Phace & Culprate – Logic Bomb [CRITICAL]
Rockwell – Dizzle [SHOGUN]
Xtrah – What Would You Do [INVISIBLE]
Ivy Lab – Rorschach [20/20]
Noisia – Could This Be [VISION]
Enei – Just One Look Ft. Charli Brix [CRITICAL]
Patrick Brian – I Could See [TERRORYTHM]
DET – Shadow (Audeka Remix) [CALIBER]
Euph – Underling [FLEXOUT]
Mefjus & Insideinfo – Mythos [VIRUS]
G. Jones & Bleep Boop – Real [LIQUID AMBER]
Signs, Skank & Sks – Bliss Flop [VANDAL]
Dj Hazard – Time Tripping [PLAYAZ]
ballade van de aangespoelde plastic fles.mp3
Amon Tobin – The Lighthouse [NINJA TUNE]
Calyx – True Identity [METALHEADZ]
Icicle & Saffire – Suction Cap [PLASMA]
T I & Upgrade – Lobster Pot [CO-LAB]
Weird Inside – Slow Hours [SOUNDCLOUD]

Transforma – Illusions (Method & Euph Remix) [Ammunition Recordings]

This ridiculous halftime madness is forthcoming on Ammunition Recordings, more infos soon !

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