France, Germany meet for new treaty in Aachen

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her French counterpart Emmanuel Macron arrive in the German city of Aachen to sign a deal that will pledge deeper economic and defence ties as well as commitment to the EU. IMAGES of Merkel, Macron, Tusk and Juncker’s arrival at the town hall in Aachen

Brexit bullion: fear of no-deal triggers Irish gold rush

In a windowless vault under the streets of Dublin there’s a pot of gold owned by anxious investors worried by the prospect of a no-deal Brexit. In 2018, Irish gold broker and safe-deposit business Merrion Vaults saw a 70 per cent rise in clients from the British province of Northern Ireland. They’re nervous about the pound plunging in value if the UK leaves the EU without an exit deal.

Brexit – how Britain voted

Videographic showing how the four nations of the United Kingdom voted in the EU referendum in 2016. Britons who have changed their minds since voting to leave the European Union are among those uniting to call for another chance to reverse the decision in 2019. VIDEOGRAPHICS

UK PM must ‘ditch red lines’ on Brexit: opposition leader

Prime Minister Theresa May must “ditch the red lines” on Brexit after the defeat of the plan she had agreed with the EU, opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says. SOUNDBITE

What does the EU think about Brexit?

AP reporter Jill Lawless discusses the EU’s take on Brexit.

The border between N. Ireland and Ireland

Videographic locating the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. Britain’s parliament has resoundingly rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal. Criticism of the deal was focused on an arrangement to keep open the border with Ireland by aligning Britain with some EU trade rules.VIDEOGRAPHIC