DarkstepWarrior Methlab Mix [Link Video]

Full mix: http://bit.ly/1TLBEH6

I put together a brand new promo mix for the guys over at methlab, 40 minutes of no nonsense neurofunk…enjoy!

Image: http://bit.ly/1U9h2o1

Agnostetics & Prophet – Fat Bastard
Tobax & Davip – Collisions
Inward, Hanzo & Randie – Jaws
A-Cray – Diverted (A.M.C Remix)
Synth Ethics – Syrius
Pythius – BBT (Current Value Remix)
Inward, Hanzo & Randie – N-Talk
Signal & Agressor Bunx – Isolation Cell
Neonlight – Rascals
A-Cray – Rage Quit
Merikan – End Of The Line
Numskull, Hanzo & Randie – Sajuuk
Emperor & Centra – Interstellar
Smooth – Tinnitus
Freqax – Twisted Vision
River Accorsi – Severe Trauma
Merikan – Degrees of Abstract v3
Noisia – Shaking Hands (Steelan Edit)
Disprove – Hyuman v1
Synth Ethics – Impulse Response
Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit (Kursiva Remix)

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Emperor & Centra – Interstellar

The 16th of May, 2016 is one of the most special days that the neurofunk DnB scene has ever felt. On this day, legendary technical producer from the UK Emperor has finally released his debut sixteen track album. This project is all drum & bass music, and I assure you that Conor did not stray far from the dark and filthy funk that attracted his huge fan-base to begin with. Among the tunes on this release are a couple VIPs of tracks that spawned cult followings, a collaboration that neuro heads have been dying for for literally several years now, and a thwack of brand new never-before-heard tunes that are basically pieces of machinery at this point. Definitely do yourself a favour and go grab this whole LP right now from Critical!

Weapons Grade is a channel for uploading only the most forward thinking and stomping underground neurofunk. I will try my best to promote only the truly under-appreciated tunes that go lesser heard. Uploads will be frequent. Every track featured here has been purchased from the respective label, and is in 320 kbps (MP3) quality before upload. All artwork in every video is from http://www.wallhaven.cc/ unless otherwise stated! I won’t feature any track on this channel that isn’t advanced neurofunk and I will never monetize a video. This channel is purely for your entertainment and discovery, and for my hobby. I hope you guys enjoy thoroughly!

If there is a problem with any of the tracks uploaded, please consult with me by my email (found on my channel under “For business enquiries”). I will take necessary measures to make content owners satisfied with the state of their track, whether it be on the channel or not. If you wish to submit a track for possible upload, please send it to me via the same email.

NeurofunkGrid’s Christmas Mix – 2013

Merry Christmas! 2013 has been an amazing year for the neurofunk scene, and we thought we would honour it with a nice present for everyone. Hope you will enjoy it!

Download link : https://soundcloud.com/neurofunkgrid/the-neurofunkgrid-christmas

00:00 Memtrix – Limelight [Lifted Music]
03:19 Phace – Vitreous [Neosignal Recordings]
05:08 The Upbeats – Beyond Reality [Vision Recordings]
06:58 NickBee – Third Entity [Invisible Recordings]
08:49 Mefjus – Dissuade [Critical Music]
11:02 Axon – STTR [Invisible Recordings]
12:09 Phace & Misanthrop – Motor [Neosignal Recordings]
13:14 Billain – Boogie [Bad Taste Recordings]
15:48 Misanthrop – Catch-22 [Neosignal Recordings]
17:39 Sunchase – As We Look (Teddy Killerz & Malk Remix) [22:22 Records]
19:51 Noisia & Calyx & TeeBee – Hyenas [Vision Recordings]
21:30 The Upbeats – Undertaker [Vision Recordings, Free Download]
23:20 Agressor Bunx – Tornado [Citrus Recordings]
25:11 Joe Ford – Stride [Shogun Audio]
27:01 Memtrix – Numbers [Lifted Music]
29:58 Emperor – She Said [Critical Music]
31:48 Black Sun Empire – Extraction (Rido Remix) [Blackout Music NL]
32:55 Phace – Electronic Frontier [Neosignal Recordings]
34:45 Mefjus & Insideinfo – Mythos [Virus Recordings]
36:57 Neosignal – Sequenz (Mefjus Remix) [Division Recordings]
38:48 Rockwell – Detroit [Shogun Audio]
39:49 Neosignal – Angst [Division Recordings]
41:16 Carvar & Clock – Miskatonik (Joe Ford Remix) [Firepower Records]
42:01 Phace & Misanthrop – Waveform [Neosignal Recordings]
44:35 Neonlight – Basso Continuo [Lifted Music]
46:15 Black Sun Empire – Arrakis (Noisia Remix) [Blackout Music NL]
48:27 Noisia & Evol Intent – The Liquid [Vision Recordings]
49:55 Posij – Close Call [Division Recordings]
51:46 Black Sun Empire & Concord Dawn – The Sun (Evol Intent Remix) [Blackout Music NL]
53:25 Emperor & Centra – Solar [Critical Music]
54:53 Black Sun Empire & Eye-D – Brainfreeze (Neonlight Remix V2)
57:00 I Am Legion – Dust Descends (Instrumental) [Division Recordings/OWSLA]
57:45 Misanthrop – Deadlock [Neosignal Recordings]
59:24 Spor – Thugged Out Elves [N/A]
1:01:58 Noisia & TeeBee – Moon Palace [Subtitles]

We’ll sort out a page with buy links for each individual track soon, keep an eye on this space. 🙂



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