Newsbyte: Prosecutor wants 3 years jail for Belgium’s oldest cannabis social club Trekt Uw Plant

Belgium’s oldest cannabis social club “Trekt Uw Plant” is on trial for the third time. The club was founded in 2006 by the late Joep Oomen, one of Europe’s best-known cannabis activists.

21 members now face jail sentences up to three years and huge fines
While hundreds of cannabis social clubs flourish in Spain.
Belgium seems to want to destroy this pioneering, non-commercial .club. Chairwoman Els Vermeesch is optimistic about the outcome

The club has been fully acquitted twice before. The verdict is expected towards the end of June 2019.

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Panel debate on Cannabis Social Clubs | Cannabis University | Cannabis Liberation Day 2017

Cannabis Social Clubs panel debate inside the Cannabis University at Cannabis Liberation Day 2017 with Rosaria Ricci, Martin Barriuso, Greg de Hoedt and Els Vermeesch.

Rosaria Ricci

Founder and chairwoman of the first Dutch Cannabis Social Club, Tree of Life in Amsterdam, since 2014. The club tries to obtain an exemption from the Opium Law for cultivation at a central location, linked to scientific research.

Martin Barriuso (Spain)

President of Basque Cannabis Social Club Pannagh in Bilbao and one of the most respected leaders of the CSC movement. In 2015, several board members of Pannagh, including Martin, were sentenced to eight months suspended prison sentence and a fine of €250,000. Their appeal is still pending.

Greg de Hoedt (United Kingdom)

Medicinal cannabis user and activist Greg de Hoedt is co-founder and chairman of UK Cannabis Social Clubs. He uses cannabis for Crohn’s disease.

Els Vermeesch

President of Cannabis Social Club Trekt Uw Plant Vzw. Hundreds of patients relied on the first Cannabis Social Club of the country Trekt Uw Plant. But after winning in court twice before, they’ve had to endure being tailed, their homes bugged, phones tapped and being GPS-traced for more than one year. This lead to a raid with excessive force by the Belgium Police, raiding 18 homes and making 3 arrests.

Two members, including Els, were finally released after 2 weeks imprisonment. The third was released later.

Cannabis News Network is a news journal which publishes only cannabis related news.

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