Abstract Elements x Electrosoul System – Delirium

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Fresh minimalistic collaboration by Electrosoul System and Abstract Elements taken from new EP by Microfunk Music. Available on clear turquoise vinyl alongside tracks by Subwave, Bop, Dissident and others.

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Hospital Records Podcast #328 with London Elektricity

We’re bringing the regular audio Hospital Records Podcast to Youtube! Expect regular podcast uploads with special guests and brand new music. For a shoutout on the next podcast, leave a comment – Subscribe to our channel to keep up to date.

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Keeno ‘Enigma’
Seba & Jr Vallo ‘Second Path’
Fearful, Amoss & Arkaik ‘Collective Conscience’
Current Value ‘Electrify’
Bop ‘So Unloved’
Proxima ‘Outworld’
Hugh Hardie ‘Emerald City’
Sonic ‘Piano Anthem’
Black Barrel ‘Void’
HVNT ‘Untitled 5’ (A.Fruit remix)
Danny Byrd ‘Weird Science’
Mark System ‘Dissolve’
Netsky ‘Give & Take’
Logistics ‘The Trip’
Abstract Elements x Electrosoul System ‘Delirium’

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Physical Illusion – Pensive Mood (Electrosoul System remix) [Intelligent Recordings]

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London Elektricity – Swivel (Electrosoul System Remix)

Buy Here: https://londonelek.lnk.to/MedSchoolScansym

In 2015 London Elektricity surprised us all with his first album in over five years. ‘Are We There Yet?’ more than deserved its influx of praise, now the Med School team has taken on the label boss’ latest masterpiece. The ‘Med School Scans’ LP examines, dissects and transforms each track, injecting every member’s unique persona into the critically acclaimed original.

Etherwood, Keeno and Anile compliment London Elektricity’s originals with class, elevating each into majestic adaptations. Whiney and S.P.Y keep up the funk of ‘Tenderless’ and ‘Why Are We Here?’ while seeping through heavier subs and thicker percussions. Frederic Robinson creates an epic, dreamlike state with his rendition of ‘Seven Days To Live’.

Royalston and Rawtekk don’t hold back, their reconstructions of ‘Tone Poem’ and ‘Telefunken Lizard Filter’ move from jazz and soul to depth and darkness. The LP also features members of The Erised with Hidden Element taking ‘Parallax’ to a whole other level.

Outside of the Med School alumni, we’ve got up and comers GLXY with a sublime half-time trip on ‘Artificial Skin’. Kimyan Law keeps things crisp, finely tuning ‘That Thing You Did’ and Subwave falls deep into a whirlpool of Emer Dineen’s luscious vocals in his portrayal of ‘Phase Us’.

All 15 tracks in this remix LP keep hold of the London Elektricity essence yet spread the sound further across either end of the drum & bass spectrum. With ten years already behind them, Med School continue to push forward as a strong, independent player exploring every corner of drum & bass with their diverse roster of talented artists.

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Bop – Blurred Memories (ft. Synkro) (Etherwood Remix)

Etherwood flips Bop & Synkro’s Blurred Memories into a smooth liquid roller… out now as part of the Ten Years of Med School album.
Support: https://MedSchoolMusic.lnk.to/TenYearsUO

‘Ten Years of Med School’ celebrates the plethora of talent to have emerged over the past decade showcasing snapshots of the imprint’s most memorable releases alongside hints of an even brighter future. Originally the understated sister label of Hospital Records, Med School is now a standalone soldier playing a significant role in electronic music, scouring every hidden corner of drum & bass and beyond.

The release showcases 18 brand new and exclusive tracks, including some stunning remixes of the label’s finest moments. Ivy Lab lead Etherwood’s uplifting ‘We’re Nothing Without Love’ down a more ominous path while Kimyan Law strips down Royalston’s drum crazy ‘Jungle Gone Down’. Frederic Robinson injects a cloud-like bounce into Keeno’s ‘Nocturne’ and Bop gives ‘Pray’ by The Erised a stunning 170bpm rework.

The album also features a host of new creations and collaborations. Etherwood and Royalston prove that opposites attract on ‘Eyes On Me’ which brilliantly combines subtle, soulful overtones with a dark, metallic allure. Newest Med School recruit Whiney presents the deep, melancholic magic of ‘Nightfall’ while label veteran Lung returns with the energetic ‘To Infinity & Be Gone’. There are also fresh contributions from the roster’s past, present and future, including works from Anile, Rawtekk, G.H.O.S.T, Blu Mar Ten, Joe Syntax, Electrosoul System, Sunchase and more.

The ten year celebrations don’t end there as Etherwood rediscovers some back catalogue highlights and blends with the album’s new material in a continuous DJ mix of 100% Med School music.

The quality of the label is without question and this release is no different. Med School stays true to its foundations of championing forward-thinking and emerging talent – here’s to the next ten!

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Med School
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Hospital Podcast 254 With London Elektricity

London Elektricity returns with new music from Reso, Keeno, Etherwood and Sunchase!


Star Trek theme
Reso ‘Taiga’
Krakota ‘Ghosts’
Anile ‘Losing My Mind’
Krakota ‘Ice Hands’
Sunchase ‘Think Of’
Lynx ‘Hurting’ (feat. Master X)
Dub Phizix ‘Rainy City’
Roy Green & Protone ‘Deep Inside’
Sunny Crimea & Indentified ‘Everything Fades’
Blu Mar Ten ‘Famous Lost Words’ (Kimyan Law remix)
Reso ‘Ricochet’
Keeno ‘One More Moment’ (feat. Cepasa)
London Elektricity ‘To Be Me’
Electrosoul System ‘Grad’ (Dissident & Kontext remix)
Baikal ‘Race To Space’
Etherwood ‘You’ll Always Be A Part Of Me’
Royalston ‘Morning Girl’
Sunchase ‘Thing’ (feat. Electrosoul System)
1 Direction ‘Steal My Girl’ (Reso’s Sound Clash remix)

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Sunchase – Thing (feat. Electrosoul System)

Buy on Hospital Shop: http://bit.ly/24thetruthep
Buy on iTunes: http://bit.ly/25thetruthep

Release date: 23rd February 2015

Med School are delighted to welcome Sunchase aboard with a debut 6-track EP that fuses melodic electronica and drum & bass with thoughtful percussive patterns, compelling vocals and infectious bass lines.


Med School:


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Hospital Podcast 252 with London Elektricity

Ahead of our show at Building 6 on Friday, London Elektricity presents a brand edition of the award winning Hospital Podcast, featuring new music from the likes of Etherwood, Sunchase, Marcus Intalex, Krakota, SpectraSoul + more……

Etherwood ‘Amen Roadtrip’
Kele ‘Closer’ (Fred V & Grafix remix)
Noisia ‘Leopard Slug’
SpectraSoul ‘Always’
Hugh Hardie ‘Wide Eyes’
London Elektricity ‘Vapour Trails’ (LSB remix)
Deft ‘Drawn’
Sunchase ‘Think Of’
Krakota ‘Stepping Stones’
Marcus Intalex ‘These Days’
Royalston ‘Slimebanks VIP’
Ed:It ‘Valhalla’
Jekyll ‘Drainpipe’
Metrik ‘Make The Floor Burn VIP’
Sunchase ‘Thing’ (feat. Electrosoul System)
The Erised ‘Pray’
The Erised ‘The Keys Are In My Hands’
Logistics ‘Version’
Krakota ‘Ghosts’

Hospital Podcast 185 LIVE with London Elektricity from Hospital HQ

Hospital podcast 185 with London Elektricity LIVE from 16:00 BST on the Hospital YouTube channel. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE!

iTunes Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/nl/podcast/hospital-records-podcast/id153880765?mt=2

1. Gridlok – Here to Wherever
2. Fracture – The Breaks
3. S.I.N – Hutch
4. Foreign Concept & Riya – Affliction
5. Optiv & CZA – In Too Deep
6. Enei – Runnin feat Georgie Yates
7. Metrik – Drift
8. Nu:Logic – St Pauls
9. Break – Love So True
10. Raiden – Dove From Above ft Close
11. Quantax – Untold
12. Judda – Bright Sky
13. Blokhe4d & Receptor – Bass Dust
14. Sub Zero – Digital Blues
15. Jenna G – In Love
16. Loxy & Resound – Tropapause
17. Martsman – Mersana
18. Tokyo Prose – Raised By Wolves
19. Natalie Duncan – Find Me A Home – Ulterior Motive Remix
20. Electrosoul System – Adventure of the Space Mantra
21. Enei – Machines
22. S.P.Y – You

Electrosoul System – Sunshine

Download = http://shop.hospitalrecords.com/product/nhs158/nhs158DD
An Amazing track on Hospital from 2009. Russia’s Electrosoul System team up with legendary vocalist Ashley Slater and bring you “Sunshine”.

Future Sound Of Russia – Andrey From Electrosoul System Talks to Hospital

BUY FSOR – http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-future-sound-russia/id335976831
Andrey from Electrosoul System talked to us about the Future Sound Of Russia, the scene, the music and the D+B step.

Track = Electrosoul System – Anywhere


Electrosoul System feat Ashley Slater – Sunshine

Limited Vinyl Promos – http://bit.ly/hlaGY
iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/nl/album/the-future-sound-of-russia/id335976831?uo=4&at=11l9mP

The Hospital mini promo player returns with Sunshine by Electrosoul System feat Ashley Slater taken from Hospital’s “Future Sound Of Russia” Compilation which is out everywhere on 16/11/09

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