Enter The Grid Promo Mix 006 by Impak

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1.Impak & Trivision – Battlefield (Dub)
2.Spor & phace – Woodruff (Sotto voce)
3.Impak Ft. Take8 – Antigravity (Nfg)
4.Hypoxia & HYQXYZ – Ripgroove (Eatbrain)
5.Optiv & CZA – Journey inwards (Impak Remix)(C4c)
6.Proxima – on the outside (Neosignal)
7.Impak – Handsaw (Nfg)
8.Inward,Hanzo & Randie – Jaws (C4c)
9.Impak – Dogs & cats (C4C)
10.Disprove – FRQNCS (Eatbrain)
11.Impak – Bleeps (Shyun Remix) (Kill tomorrow)
12.MachineCode – MANOUVER (Eatbrain)
13.Malux – Turbine (Bad taste)
14.Segment and Concept vision – Charge (Eatbrain)
15.Impak – Vortex (Redlight)
16.Akrom – Invictus (Redlight)
17.The Clamps – Strange days (Impak remix) (Kosen)
18.Phace & mefjus – Clock off (Neosignal)
19.Impak – Much more (Abducted Ltd)
20.Mefjus – Suicide bassline VIP (Critical)
21.BTK, Cold Fusion & Optiv – Void (Impak Remix) (Dutty Audio)
22.L33 – Electroshock (Etbrain)
23.Optiv & BTK – Blindstruck feat. MC Fokus (Maztek Remix)(Dutty Audio)
24.Cause4concern – Time Stopper (Impak Remix) (C4C)
25.Impak – Pterodactyl (Redlight)
26.Impak – Try again (C4c)

Enter The Grid is a booking agency and a sequence of Neurofunk Drum’n’Bass events created by the youtube promoter NeurofunkGrid and Kosen Production.

► KHRONOS [Blackout Music, NeurofunkGrid, Close 2 Death]
► NICKBEE [Shogun, Invisible, Dispatch, Eatbrain, Bad Taste]
► VOLATILE CYCLE [Invisible, Renegade Hardware, Nfg]
► THE CLAMPS [Blackout, Trendkill, Kosen, Dissected]
► AKOV [NeurofunkGrid, Mindtech, D&B Arena]
► IMPAK [C4C Recs, Red Lights,Dutty Audio,NeurofunkGrid, Mindtech]
► CRUK [Bad Taste, Ammunition, Disturbed]
► REDJECT [Blackout Music, Mindtech, Disturbed]
► SIGNS [Division, Piranha Pool, Eatbrain]
► INNATE MC [Renegade Hardware, Proximity Recordings]
► LOCKJAW [Invisible, Dispatch, Rise Audio]
► SHYUN [NeurofunkGrid, Kill Tomorrow]

Contact ► booking@enterthegrid.eu
Website ► http://www.enterthegrid.eu

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L 33 – Electroshock

Drops 30th of May exclusive to Beatport on the ‘Karate’ LP via Eatbrain!

Image: http://bit.ly/1Wh2IA3

L 33:
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