Cutana – Broken Headlight

Out now !

Dissected Culture proudly presents the next instalment with an incredible 3 track EP entitled ‘They Call Us Deaf EP’!

Specialising in the highest quality Neurofunk and Techstep DnB, it’s time for Cutana to lay down his imprint on this unique and forward thinking label!

First up, a track aptly named ‘Broken Headlight’. Using a combination of smooth pads and technical edits, the intro leads you in to a place filled with sharp mechanical synths and big grinding basslines, with hard hitting beats so heavy they could knock a juggernaut of the road! Followed up closely by a track named ‘Electrosaur’, Cutana goes to work on his technical abilities which he clearly has in abundance! Pounding beats saturated in highly skilled synth edits with obscure vocal adlibs, this formula guarantees loss of control on the Dancefloor!

To round of this EP Cutana unleashes a monster with his titled track known as ‘They Call Us Deaf’. Driven by a huge distorted saw riff layered with a sub so thick it should come with a health warning. Due to its nature, you may feel the urge to play this very very loud……’s no wonder they call us deaf!

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