Albanian MP throws ink at Prime Minister in Parliament

An Albanian opposition lawmaker throws ink on socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama during a parliamentary debate. The incident took place two days after a protest organised by the opposition Democratic Party seeking Rama’s departure and early parliamentary elections.

Albanian opposition leader Basha casts his vote

Centre-right Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha votes in Albania’s parliamentary election. Basha is challenging the Socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama, whom he accuses of links to organised crime and turning the Balkan state into a “drugstore”, referring to Albania’s lucrative but illicit cannabis trade.

Albania: Socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama votes

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama votes in a parliamentary election, where he hopes to clinch a second term in office, pledging to boost economic growth and complete sweeping reforms of Albania’s notoriously corrupt judicial system that have been demanded by Brussels. IMAGES

Albania votes with EU accession talks in mind

Albania votes in a parliamentary election with Socialist Prime Minister Edi Rama hoping to boost his grip on power and lead the Balkan country into talks on European Union accession. IMAGES