Amazon’s Uber Imitation Program Flex Is A Disaster For Its Workers (HBO)

Amazon just had its best Prime day ever.

The company sold more than 100 million products over a 36-hour period, bragging in a press release that it was the “biggest shopping event in Amazon history.” But a massive shopping event like Prime Day is only in possible in part because of Amazon’s Flex program, which recruits everyday people to deliver Amazon packages for a modest wage.

That’s because the most expensive part of delivering a package is getting it from a local warehouse to a customer’s doorstep. Amazon’s Flex program helps reduce that cost by hiring delivery drivers as independent contractors.

VICE News followed a married couple in Phoenix, AZ, who use Flex as their primary source of income. “[Flex] saved our lives,” Beverly Karpinski, 64, told VICE News. “For three months we had no income except for my husband’s social security check, and one day I was on Craigslist and I saw Amazon was hiring independent delivery drivers.”

Karpinski and her husband, Ed, both signed up for Flex and have been delivering packages for more than a year. In Arizona, the Karpinski’s make about $18 an hour before expenses.

You don’t need any qualifications to drive for Flex: just pass a background check and have a valid driver’s license. Due to the driver’s independent contractor status, Amazon doesn’t provide any benefits like healthcare or paid time off. Amazon says Flex drivers across the country make $18-$25 an hour, but that doesn’t include gas or car maintenance.

Amazon declined to provide any details about how many Flex drivers Amazon hires, or how many fulfillment centers across the country support Flex, but an Amazon spokesperson confirmed that the company leverages its malleable Flex workforce in order to compensate for Prime Day. The spokesperson also confirmed that the delivery route given to Flex drivers is generated by an Amazon algorithm.

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Q & A / Live interview Ed Rosenthal (cannabis Legend!), Cannabis University 2018

Anyone who has ever grown cannabis is indebted to Ed Rosenthal, The Guru or Ganja. Whole generations of breeders gained their first knowledge from his books and his column ‘Ask Ed’, which not only appeared in High Times, but also in countless European magazines. And Rosenthal inspired Ben Dronkers to open the Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum in Amsterdam and is a lecturer at Oaksterdam University in California. He is generally regarded as the worldwide authority in the field of cannabis breeding. We are honored that Ed Rosenthal is coming to Amsterdam to celebrate the ten-year jubilee of Cannabis Liberation Day.
Iedereen die ooit cannabis heeft gekweekt is schatplichtig aan Ed Rosenthal, The Guru of Ganja. Hele generaties kwekers deden hun eerste kennis op uit zijn boeken en zijn column ‘Ask Ed’, die niet alleen in High Times verscheen, maar ook in talloze Europese tijdschriften. En Rosenthal inspireerde Ben Dronkers om in Amsterdam het Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum te openen en is docent aan de Oaksterdam University in Californië. Hij wordt algemeen beschouwd als dé wereldwijde autoriteit op het gebied van cannabis kweken. We zijn vereerd dat Ed Rosenthal naar Amsterdam komt om het tienjarig jubileum van Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag mee te vieren.

Cannabis News Network is a news journal which publishes only cannabis related news.

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How Ed Stafford stayed motivated while walking the Amazon

Business Insider Uk sat down with Ed Stafford, host of Discovery Channel show ‘Left For Dead’ and the first man to walk the length of the Amazon.

Ed told us about what motivated him to attempt the feat, some of the obstacles he encountered along the way, and why he didn’t quit when things got tough.

Watch the video to hear what Ed had to say.


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Ed Sheeran – Don’t (Netsky Remix)

An amazing remix from Netsky of Ed Sheeran’s next single ‘Don’t’ from Ed’s new #1 album ‘x’ Original:

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Ed Sheeran
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