Otto Sonnenholzner takes oath as Ecuador new vice president

Economist and media businessman Otto Sonnenholzner taking his oath as new Vice President of Ecuador. IMAGES

In Ecuador, rock icon Waters defends Julian Assange

Rock icon Roger Waters, a founding member of the British band Pink Floyd, expresses support for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, whom he says “needs to be protected”.

Ecuador expels Venezuelan diplomat over ‘offensive’ comments

Ecuador expels Venezuela’s ambassador Carol Delgado over “offensive” comments against President Lenin Moreno by a Venezuelan government minister. IMAGES of the official statement

Three lynched in Ecuador over child abduction claims

A mob in Ecuador kills three people mistakenly suspected of abducting children, police say. Officials say the three were not in fact suspected of such a crime, but rather had been arrested on suspicion of stealing money and cell phones.

Exodus: A Venezuelan family recounts their desperate journey

On foot, by bus, on the backs of juddering trucks, like tens of thousands of others, they slogged for days along the Pan-American highway through Colombia and Ecuador. The Mendoza Landinez family’s goal was to reach Peru, a sanctuary of sorts for a desperate Venezuelan family, but they had the additional pressure of a deadline: to enter Peru before new rules required them to produce a passport.

Venezuelans rush to Peru ahead of passport deadline

Venezuelan migrants dash to get into the country as new passport rules threaten to leave thousands stranded in Ecuador or Colombia.