Degs – Love Hurts (Ebenezer Sprayout)

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I never wanted to conform,
I used to beat myself about it,
but now preparing for the encore
I’m sailing but you’re staying onshore,
you need to fight when the drought hits,
I’m soaring high like a Concorde

No scrooge, Ebenezer,
getting in the cans like a geezer,
I’m ill on the mic no fever
live in the dance man I’m tearing the speaker
All I wanna do is get high with the team
spit fire with the team and make a life with the team,
pour drinks to the future,
I’m an atheist but with love I’m a believer

Yeah, and that’s the truth of it
write syllables and words get in booths with it,
I’m seeing all this hate i’m reducing it
too many of our souls man are losing it
Cos the world’s so cold that’s a fact of life
and this girl’s so cold cos she’s acting like
that I never held it down in the club tonight
so it’s arguments and it’s jealous eyes

Cos we’ve, lost trust for the people,
write bars for the book
all I wanna do is go live for the sequel
all I wanna do is get high man it’s lethal,
and what I mean by that is
I’m neglecting shit responsibilities
and I’m a faking a smile
spread wings like an eagle

But fuck this,
I preach vibes not hatred,
and confidence in your consciousness
have pride when you say shit
Have pride when you make shit,
and seek help when you’re breaking
that’s important bro you ain’t an island,
we should all give strength for the weigh-ins

You gotta go down fighting,
let’s do this,
12th round in the ring and we’re tiring
But your corner’s here to make your game plan clear,
so listen up we’re uniting,
power in numbers and we’ve got abundance
tear down walls that we’re climbing
And tear down fools that are sniping,
I’m bored of it this negativity
it’s a mystery to me,
dark times we start smiling,
in dark times start smiling,
cos we’re wiling out tonight listen

I never thought that we’d get to this point
the poison burns on aching joints
I’m hearing what you’re saying
in a shaking voice and feeling like I’ve made mistakes,
deluded that I’ve made it rain
our lives have been so up and down
stability like paper planes
Sick of each other like the company’s got stale
all I’m trying to do is get away
fly down the wing like Gareth Bale
but now it’s time to rectify
so we can tell compelling tales,
about the good things in our lives
without us wearing veils

Cos I’m holding onto this and that’s the truth, trying to get away.

Swing back to me cos I don’t mind,
I’ll crush it down and bill it so we’re both high,
but you don’t wanna chill and I know why
Cos your mind is going in circles,
you always falling at the hurdles
But what’s the point if you don’t try?

And I know you’re mine,
cos I put my soul in the fire and lights
and I got you girl for the colder nights man I roll the dice,
I don’t wanna feel like I’m holding time
With you now everything is not lost,
when I’m talking about my history girl
I put it in a mental loft never counting the cost

Yes yes I’m never counting the cost,
past experience rounding it off,
if anybody wanted to install change,
the old me would argue the toss
Should I get packed up jump in the whip
and come to your house on your night off?
I’ll never grow tired if you show me the way,
whenever my ice cold heart defrosts

When I’m sleeping girl I’m moving a lot,
my mental strings get tied in a knot,
3AM man I stare at the clock
But there’s no time it’s your time when you’re mine
no war crimes no sore rhymes in your prime
cream rises right to the top
And I no longer feel deserted,
but still I put the work in,
wanna be leading on this circuit
this longevity ain’t certain
it’s not that I misinterpret
it’s the coldness of the world
as I’m sitting here hypothermic.

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