Hospital Democast (March 2020)

For this weeks podcast, we take a peek into the submissions that you’ve sent in to the demo inbox and select some of our favourites for a Hospital Democast! Hosted by A+R manager Tilo and Promotions assistant Matt to give Tony a well deserved week off! Keep your ears peel, these may be the stars of the future…


Blacklab – The Vow
Matt View & Marvel Cinema – Parachute
Screamarts x Halflow – Memories
Maldow – Waste It
Laminar – Tessellate
Duoscience – SpaceX
Danny Wav – The Geefer
Low:r – The Journey
Brainwork & Leniz – Erlebnisse
Danger – Rise Up
Charla Green – The Mirror Method
Conrad Subs – Time Frame
Euphonique – Keep It Coming
Conrad Subs – Trance
Alcemist – Blind
Stay-C – Revival
Jonny Faith – Open My Eyes

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Bungle – Enclosure


Transport yourself to the streets of South America, as Soul Trader Records delivers STR012, Sounds of Sao Paulo. The EP contains music from Bungle, Duoscience and Maurs, Nitri and Simplification, Translate and Masterwizard, all of whom contribute some of their strongest music to date.

Soul Trader has quickly established a reputation for high quality, dedicated music, which has included released from BCee, Skynet, Random Movement, Saxxon, and more, mixing singles and EPs from both up and coming and established names within the scene. Support’s been forthcoming from Optiv and BTK, John B, Fabio, Marky, Current Value, Bailey, and many, many more.

And it’s not hard to see with tracks like Bungle’s massive Enclosure. Beautiful, lifting vibes ride along with an insistent beat in the opening, before a haunting, emotional piano line and samples come in. This really is music of a higher level, complex yet accessible, regulated yet flowing. Drift off and let Bungle lead the way.


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T:Base feat. Kryptomedic – Flow (Duoscience Remix)

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Joe Nebula & Ms Breeze – Repeated Instance (Duoscience Remix)

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