Gay Dumbledore? Black Hermione? Rowling’s attempts to change Harry Potter haven’t gone unnoticed

Twenty years ago, for a fantasy book to hit it big, exceptional scriptwork and a tad of marketing were, most probably, sufficient.

But these days things are different, and you’re expected not only to write an enthralling story, but to also address current political and social trends.

And what do you do if your old bestseller doesn’t quite measure up to new standards? – Perhaps you could tweak your characters a bit to fit the bill…


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Law, Redmayne talk ‘darker’ ‘Fantastic Beasts’ sequel

(3 Nov 2018) Eddie Redmayne shares his excitement about his first day on set opposite Jude Law’s Dumbledore, while Katherine Waterston says the new movie’s links to “Harry Potter” are strong. (Nov. 8)

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