Dubliners blast UK MPs after May’s Brexit deal rejected again

Dublin residents say UK politicians have “let down” the British public and accuse them of being consumed by “internal squabbles” after lawmakers overwhelmingly rejected Theresa May’s draft divorce agreement for a second time.

Dublin calling: Ireland cashes in on Brexit jitters

Brexit is turning Dublin into a new financial hub, with the city a top contender for banks, funds and law firms needing a continued presence in the European Union after March 29.

Brexit bullion: fear of no-deal triggers Irish gold rush

In a windowless vault under the streets of Dublin there’s a pot of gold owned by anxious investors worried by the prospect of a no-deal Brexit. In 2018, Irish gold broker and safe-deposit business Merrion Vaults saw a 70 per cent rise in clients from the British province of Northern Ireland. They’re nervous about the pound plunging in value if the UK leaves the EU without an exit deal.

No place like home: Dublin boom fuels housing spiral

Ireland’s capital is now one of the most expensive places to live in Europe. Dublin is experiencing an influx of tech firms and corporate landlords — who are pricing out the average citizen. Thanks to sluggish housing development and historic laws forbidding high rises, many Dubliners are living stacked in bunk beds, sharing tiny studios with other adults and paying hundreds of euros for the privilege — with few legal rights.

Irish PM Varadkar arrives ahead of Cabinet meeting over Brexit

Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar arrives at Government Buildings in Dublin ahead of a Cabinet meeting over Brexit, following London’s claim that negotiators had finally struck a draft agreement on the terms of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union next March. IMAGES of arrivals

“Leaves” hang in remembrance of Irish lives lost in WWI

An art installation of 36,000 messages inscribed on “leaves” hang from the ceiling of St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin in remembrance of the Irish lives lost in WWI. The project is part of the nation’s commemoration events as the anniversary of armistice approaches. IMAGES.