Ray Dalio, Sallie Krawcheck, Henry Blodget & More Talk Better Capitalism & Media | IGNITION 2018

Henry Blodget, CEO of Insider Inc. discusses better capitalism; Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates discusses investing principles; and Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and co founder of Ellevest discusses what Wall Street doesn’t understand about women. Other panelists for IGNITION’s day one morning session include Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox, Steve Case, co founder of AOL and more.

Business Insider’s flagship conference IGNITION is the premier East Coast media and technology event. As seismic shifts in our industry continue to rock the globe — not to mention the global markets — IGNITION is the place to explore the implications of those shifts for
business, society, and culture.

Now in its ninth year, the event brings together an engaged community of next-generation leaders and change-makers from all around the world. Come away with actionable insights for your own critical decision-making, plus a ton of new contacts and ideas thanks to IGNITION’s next-level networking.


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Ray Dalio, Sallie Krawcheck, Henry Blodget & More Talk Better Capitalism & Media | IGNITION 2018

Dropbox CEO On His $11 Billion IPO

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston famously turned down Steve Jobs when Jobs offered to acquire the company. After the rejection, Jobs not-so-subtly implied that he’d have to put Dropbox out of business instead.

On Friday, Dropbox went public, with its stock popping 35% by the end of the first day of trading, defying the rest of the bleak market.

Houston is probably feeling pretty good about rejecting the tech legend. He’s now a billionaire a few times over.

Going into Dropbox’s IPO Friday, there were worries that the company’s valuation would be well below the $10 billion that private investors pegged it at a few years ago. But those concerns were quickly squashed. It now has a market cap of $11.03 billion.

In an interview with Business Insider on Friday, CEO Houston said he wasn’t concerned about near-term stock price of his newly public company. He told his employees not to focus on what could have been, and could still be, a fluctuating stock price.

“One thing I tell the team is get used to the stock going up and down,” Houston said. “This will be a normal, everyday occurrence… that’s outside of our control. So what I make sure the team stays focused on is that our customers don’t care if we’re public or private. They just want a great experience.”

Dropbox is the first of the so-called tech unicorns — companies valued over $1 billion — to go public this year. Music streaming service Spotify will have its IPO in the coming weeks, and Lyft, Uber, and Airbnb, are all seen as the next major tech companies likely to go public either this year or next year.

“I think we’re all excited about this cohort of companies,” Houston said. “And I’m looking forward to see Daniel [Ek] take Spotify public. A lot of these founders are my friends. It’s certainly a lot of fun to watch them scale their businesses.” 

Houston’s take on Silicon Valley’s troubles

Dropbox may not be mired by accusations of spreading fake news or mishandling personal user data, but it is growing in an environment tainted by a lack of employee diversity. Dropbox released its latest employee diversity stats in February, and they don’t look much better than other Silicon Valley tech companies. Women make up 39% of Dropbox’s workforce, and the company is 55% white and 32% Asian.

Houston recently joined a group called Founders for Change, a coalition of tech companies and startups that have pledged not to take venture capital funding from groups that didn’t have a woman or person of color who could write the check.

It’s one of many efforts to fix the diversity problem in Silicon Valley, but it’s not going to happen overnight.

But one quick fix that can be made is the gender pay gap, when female employees are paid less for the same work. It’s simply a matter of analyzing salary data and making sure all employees are getting equal pay for the same work. Houston said that’s an issue Dropbox is looking at too.

“While as an industry we have a long way to go, there are things that are directly within companies’ control, and so by all means within our company we take a close look at gender pay equity, and I think everybody should,” Houston said. 

And then there’s the other black eye on Silicon Valley’s reputation. Facebook’s failure to protect user data that was given to third-party developers sent the company headfirst into one of its biggest crises since its founding. In a series of interviews this week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he’d be open to some form of government regulation.

Even though Dropbox isn’t a major social network, Houston did say it’s responsible for keeping user data stored on its servers secure.

“We shouldn’t wait for [regulation],” Houston said. “I think we all realize that it’s critical that we trust all the services we use, and that’s certainly top of mind for us, as you can imagine.”

“I think what the government does from a regulation standpoint, from a policy standpoint, can go in a lot of different directions,” Houston later added. “But we want to make sure that we — whether as a public company or whether as a private company — are doing everything we can to keep our user’s information safe.”


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NFG Talents Mix 009 by Jae Overtech

This time for the NFG Talents Mix sequence we hired someone who’s pushing the scene forward by signing some of the most exciting emerging talents : Nais, Ford, Soulstorm, Ovey, Ophlot, they all printed their imprints in the dnb world with big releases on Overtech Recordings and as the brain of the label, Jae used his seeking talents and DJ skills to bring us one of the best mix that NFG had the chance to release, if not the best.

And for your information, it’s a 5 decks mix recorded live 🙂

DOWNLOAD LINK : http://soundcloud.com/neurofunkgrid/nfg-talents-mix-009-jae

— Intro
1] Kraddy — Android Porn [Alpha Pup]
2] Misanthrop — Energie [Neosignal]
* Incube & Dyamorph — Fahrenheit [Ammunition Recordings Dub]
3] Dyamorph — Suita [Overtech Recordings Dub]
* Equid — Blind Step [Ammunition Recordings Dub]
4] Engage — Overbreaker [Ammunition Recordings]
* Digital Soul — Nocturne [Metafiziq]
5] Noisia — Red Shift [Dub]
* Ford — The Grid [Overtech Recordings]
6] Cause 4 Concern — Never Acid Again (Neonlight Remix) [C4C Dub]
* Billain — Manifold [Bad Taste]
7] QO Ft. Hostile MC — Distress Signal [Disturbed]
8] Billain — Total Darkness [Rise Audio Dub]
* Jade — Lazer Tag (Neonlight Remix) [Lifted]
9] Maztek Ft. MC Shot — Avalon (2008 Edit) [Overtech Recordings Dub]
* Directive4 — Red Core [Mindtech Dub]
10] Atom & Cell — Pressure (Noisia Remix) [Darkitek Recordings]
* Imprintz — The Remain [Ammunition Recordings]
11] Mefjus, Bowsar & Kaizer — Gravitational Lensing [Close 2 Death Dub]
* Spor — Clarets March [Lifted]
12] Billain – Boogey [Close 2 Death Dub]
* Kracken — Side Effects [Underfire]
13] Aenimal — Syntopatix (Maztek Remix) [Dub]
* Raiden & The Sect — Caesium 137 (Audio Remix) [Offkey]
14] Optiv — Krackpot [Billain Remix) [Close 2 Death Dub]
* Soulstorm — The Big Trip [Overtech Recordings]
15] Engage — Hands Resist Him [Dub]
16] Ford — Colony [Overtech Recordings]
* Block Dodger — Bones To Dust [Trust In Music Dub]
17] Parallax — Tensor [Overtech Recordings Dub]

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