Avenatti: Recordings May Be President’s Downfall

Michael Avenatti, the attorney for porn actress Stormy Daniels says audio recordings made by President Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen will pose “a host of problems for Michael Cohen and for the president.” (May 30)

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NFG Talents Mix 008 by Ophlot

We are back in force, as the latest mix from Ovey was full of dynamic and epic tracks this one is a big rock full of raw energy and organic textures, enjoy and see you in 2 hours …

Ophlot is featured on the channel since early 2011 with his tune “Cement” and got signed on many labels such as Mindtech, Overtech, Abducted and Dephunked. Defining his work as “a fusion of objects, structures, physics, geometry, robotics,space and future philosophy formed in one or more shapes of sound”, he’s one of the greatest example of eastern europe new sounds, living in the same city as Billain, you can easily recognise his style !

Download it on Soundcloud : http://soundcloud.com/neurofunkgrid/nfg-talents-mix-008-ophlot


01 Rolar – Cybertron [Overtech Recs]
02 Ophlot & Zx – Figura [Abducted Recs Dub]
03 STHS – Nutshell [Dephunked Dub]
04 Hightech & Flare – The Visitors [Close2Death Recs]
05 DC Breaks – Come Closer [Frequency Recs]
06 Custom Soldierz – Minoan [Trust in Music Recs]
07 Rawtekk – Distaste [Citrus Recs]
08 Ed Rush & Optical – Pacman (The Upbeats rmx) [Virus Recs]
09 Billain – Space Shrapnels [Free]
10 Engage – Overbreaker [Ammunition Recs]
11 Exorcist, Imprintz & Kloé – Dusk [Mainframe Recs]
12 Noisia & Alix Perez – Underprint [Invisible Recs]
13 Nvader – Antiga Prime [Ammunition Recs]
14 Zx – Cerberus [Dub]
15 Insom – Downfall [Melting Pot Recs]
16 Ophlot – Typod [ Overtech Recs]
17 Ophlot – Escitalopram [Abducted Recs Dub]
18 Ford – Colony [Overtech Recs Dub]
19 Hykario – Wizz [Synergist Recs Dub]
20 Atom & Custom Soldierz – Trainwreck [Close2Death Recs]
21 Incube – Starscream [Ammunition Recs]
22 Insom – To Move [Melting Pot Recs]
23 Tripod – Stasis [YSF Dub]
24 Zeal & Litta – Shindig [Dub]
25 Anthrax & A-negative – Executor [Dephunked Recs Dub]
26 Incube & Lost – Lifepath [Ammunition Recs]
27 Ford – The Grid [Overtech Recs Dub]
28 Ophlot – Sleep Disorder [Dephunked Recs Dub]
29 Myselor – The Taste of Pressure [Dub]
30 Zero Method – RARP [DSCI4 Dub]
31 Zero Method – Show Me Your Face [Citrus Recs Dub]
32 Kayus & Memtrix – Furyan [Dub]
33 Kayus – Libra [Dub]
34 Memtrix – Intermission (Kayus remix) [Close 2 Death Recs Dub]
35 Qo – War Stomp [Citrus Recs Dub]
36 Dark Concept – Different Heaven [Ammunition Recs Dub]
37 Square & Sug – Over [Mindtech Recs Dub]
38 Ophlot – Nahum [Genome Recs Dub]
39 Epidemic – Frontiers [Mindtech Recs Dub]
40 Epidemic – Stomata [Mindtech Recs Dub]
41 Krot – Tako [Mindtech Recs Dub]
42 Mik – Immortel [Mindtech Recs Dub]
43 Mr. Frenkie – Freestyle Stuff [Mindtech Recs Dub]
44 Paperclip – Ionisation [Mindtech Recs Dub]
45 L 33 – Step Ahead [Mindtech Recs]
46 L 33 – Warped Time [Mindtech Recs]
47 L 33 – 60 Hertz [Mindtech Recs]
48 Bionic1 – The Return [Mindtech Recs Dub]
49 Ophlot – Lucid [Dephunked Recs]
50 Insom – Tackla [Melting Pot Recs]
51 Neutral Point – Invasion [Mindtech Recs Dub]

Find Ophlot :


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Visuals by : http://www.youtube.com/user/thewaysh