STFU Donny 004


1. Dylan – Dominion (Donny Remix) [Renegade Hardware]
2. Katharsys & Kryzys – Distress Signal [Big Riddim Recordings]
3. Counterstrike – Mind Fuck (Donny Remix) [PRSPCT]
4.The Clamps – The Sky Darkens [Kosenprod]
5. 3RDKND – The Artifact [Forbidden Society Recs]
6. Switch Technique & Limewax – Doctor Wrecker [PRSPCT]
7. 3RDKND – The Upsidedown [Forbidden Society Recs]
8. Sinister Souls – Involuntary Suicide [PRSPCT]
9. Katharsys – Gamma Ray [dub]
10. Merikan – Delta Invarient [C4C Recordings]
11.3RDKND – Fire & Blood [Forbidden Society Recs]
12.Neks & Coman Dante – The Dead Living [Othercide]
13.Sinister Souls ft Gein & Bratkilla – Parasite Bandit VIP [PRSPCT]
14.Katharsys & Brainpain – SNF [dub]
15.Donny & Forbidden Society – Creator & Destroyer (3RDKND Remix) [Forbidden Society Recs]
16.Coman Dante – The Katyn Massacre [Tyrantinum]
17.Maztek – Timeless (Current Value Remix) [0101 Music]
18.3RDKND – Cognitive [Forbidden Society Recs]
19.Alerstorm – Used To Say [0101 Music]
20.Coman Dante – The Grave [Mindocracy Recordings]
21.3RDKND – The Artifact (Audio Remix) [Forbidden Society Recs]
22.Sinister Souls – Unleash The Beast PRSPCT]
23.3RDKND – Panger [Forbidden Society Recs]
24.Pythius – Monster Black Hole (Merikan Remix) [Blackout]
25.Optiv & BTK – Shredder (Inward, Hanzo & Randie aka IHR Remix) [Dutty Audio]
26.Coman Dante – Afterlife [Yellow Stripe]
27.3RDKND – Purge [Forbidden Society Recs]
28.3RDKND – Fire & Blood (ABIS REMIX) [Forbidden Society Recs]

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Donny & Forbidden Society – Creator & Destroyer (3RDKND Remix)

Forthcoming on the 25th of May as part of the ‘Purge’ EP via Forbidden Society Recordings! 3RDKND is new project from Forbidden Society, Donny & Katharsys focused on experimental, military step, hard & dark Drum and Bass. Watch out for these guys!!

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All of the music on this channel has either been sent to me directly by the artists themselves or from the label who own the copyright to the song. If you have any further questions please dont hesitate to email me.

Audio – Burn It Down [Forbidden Society Recordings]

Forbidden Society Recordings presents : FSRECS 009

vinyl release 8.4.2013
digital release 15.4.2013 including bonus track Forbidden Society – The Punch

A : Donny & Forbidden Society – Creator & Destroyer

For some hard Drum & Bass fans maybe like a dream come true:) The collaboration of this track went really good, and the result is proper Drum & Bass smasher with big cinematic intro that turns into hard DNB track with big distorted reece & smashing drums! Tested and works really good, specially if you start with this one! Really happy we could do this together with master Donny, really nice guy and good producer, FSRECS is happy to have this talent on the artist rooster:)

B : Audio – Burn It Down

Let’s be honest, Audio is the no.1 in Drum & Bass now, his ideas in tracks, the mixdowns and like everything is so sick. Gareth is really good guy, honest and to get an Audio tune on a label is not that easy, so FSRECS is really proud to have him on the label. Burn It Down is a bit older tune from Gareth, its like from the FReak Recordings / Tech Freak era, but this wont to get this track down, i am sure a lot of hard Drum & Bass fans, and not only hard will be happy to have this banger and play out! Audio as its best as we know him, big kick, bass that turns you back in hell, and crispy snares. This track just make you move even if you don’t want to! Audio is the Master!:)

C: Forbidden Society – The Punch ( Bonus Digital Only Track )

This track has been getting a really good response so far even if there was just a short clip on Neurofunkgrid. Hard DNB stepper, with rap vocals in it, and loud ( really loud 🙂 snares & deep sub !m! Again, tested and works! But you all will see yourself if you buy this track and play it out:)

Artists:Donny & Forbidden Society / Audio
Format: 12″
Record Label:Forbidden Society Recordings
Catalog#: FSRECS009
Style: Drum n Bass
Country: Czech Republic

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Forbidden Society – The Punch


Vinyl : April 8th
Digital : April 15th

A : AUDIO – Burn It Down
B : DONNY & FORBIDDEN SOCIETY – Creator & Destroyer

FORBIDDEN SOCIETY – The Punch ( Extra Bonus Digital Only Track )

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