Celebrating his recent single ‘Lifelike / NTSC’ on Program, Kung is next up on our Program mix series. Free download as usual!

1; KUNG – Loveish
2; Hybrid – Power Curve (Noisia remix)
3; KUNG & Hijack Mc – Stuttered
4; Benny L – Low Blow
5; Dub Elements & KUNG – Switcher
6; Disprove – On time
7; Proxima – Cut the Corner
8; Abstract Elements – Myriapoda
9; KUNG- Jailbait
11; KUNG – Once
12; KUNG – Say yeah
13; KUNG – You Should
14; KUNG – Honeypot
15; KUNG & BSN Posse – Untilted
16; Unglued- Bootstrap Bill
17; Mefjus – Sinkhole
18; Dlr, Break & Randall – Song and Dance
19; Dlr – Django
20; Skeptical – Grub
21; Emperor – Half makes whole
22; Nami & Black Barrel – Eeerrrrghhhh
23; The Upbeats – Punks
24; Was a Be & Synth Ethics – Resolute
25; Fourward – Hope
26; Aggressor Bunx – The Offering
27; Sigma – Slow Down (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
28; Mefjus – Fractured
29; Urbandawn – Sleeping awake
30; KUNG – Eunoia
31; Stoner – 1984
32; Bou & CV – Higher
33; Qzb & Vorso Needle
34; Creatures & Vowel – Manaslu
35; Circuits – Drench
36; Kyje – Unnova
37; Phace & Mefjus – Swerve
38; Upgrade – Blow
39; Impak & KUNG – Vogue
40; Icicle & Mefjus – Efficient
41; Current Value – City Syndrome
42; Drumsound & Bassline Smith fear. Teddy Killerz -Metal and Blood
43; Doctrine – Parabol
44; Noisia – Incessant
45; Mr. Frenkie – Bass Synth
46; Camo & Crooked – Ember (Noisia remix)
47; KUNG – Lifelike
48; Joe Ford – Where is the Sun
49; Noisia & Prolix – Asteroids (Noisia remix)
50; Smooth – Can’t stop
51; IHZ & Synth Ethics – Tune X
52; Xtrah & Mefjus – Fever
53; Culprate – Fester

Blackout Podcast 74 – Teddy Killerz [Official Channel] Drum & Bass

Blackout podcast, bringing the finest Drum & Bass around.


Teddy Killerz x Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Metal & Blood
AMC & Turno – Draw 4 That
Posij – Hunger
Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low (Delta Heavy remix)
))) Teddy Killerz – Borovicka
Upgrade – Spit It Out
Doctrine – Parabol
))) Rockwell – Please Please Please (Play This On The Radio)
Teddy Killerz & ID – ID
UZ & Stooki Sound ft. Foreign Beggars & Once Caponoe – Bang (Teddy Killerz remix)
Bou – Poison
))) Noisia – Diplodocus
Gridlok – Insecticide VIP
Killbox – Kurtz
State Of Mind & Black Sun Empire – Bottom Line
Teddy Killerz – Bonkerz
I Am Legion – Make Those Move (Teddy Killerz VIP remix)
Frankee – Snarl
Teddy Killerz – ID
Mefjus – Ringshifter
Teddy Killerz – Reptile
Audio – Napalm
Krot – Bad Summer
The Prototypes – Pop It Off VIP
))) Gydra – Traquilizer
Black Sun Empire – Foundation (L33 remix)
Synergy – Radiation
Malux – Turbine (Teddy Killerz remix)
Muzzy & AMC & Turno – Cascade
The Prototypes – Electric (Mind Vortex remix)
Raiden – Helium
Teddy Killerz – Teddy’s Song
Original Sin – Red Mist
Upgrade – Blow
Gydra – Problem
Raiden & Khanage – King Stays King
Moby – Alice (Noisia remix)
))) Mr. Frenkie – Bass Symptom
))) Misanthrop – Trashriot
Culture Shock – Bunker
Optiv & BTK – Inception (Gydra remix)
Upgrade – Bad Frequencies
Noisia – Tenctacles (Teddy Killerz remix)
Cod3x – Confused
AMC & Turno – Alliance
Annix & Turno – Cold Killerz
Gydra – Scourge
Dimension – Raver
Phace & Signal – Locust
Synergy – Signals
Signal – 2ME
Phace & Noisia – Drawback (Annix remix)
Muzzy & Teddy Killerz – Shut It Down (ft. MC Mota)

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Doctrine ‘Block Hugger’

Artist Doctrine returns to the twenty-five year strong drum & bass imprint Ram Records for another double-sided single which highlights why his music was initially picked up by the label. Having built his core fan base amongst the thriving European live circuit, at festivals such as Belgian’s pivotal Rampage Festival, Doctrine came under Ram’s radar when his cross-pollination of styles gained him a notorious reputation from club to club. And after he was added to the track list of Ram’s definitive 2016 annual, the producer was offered a standalone single. ‘Panopticon’ and ‘Thunder’ introduced Doctrine to an even wider audience, where his technical prowess was picked up by label head Andy C on his exclusive Beats 1 radio show.

The next offering from Doctrine once again defines his versatile musical landscape. Both tracks ‘Parabol‘ and ‘Block Hugger’ give a snapshot into what platform he’s created himself as an artist, having dived into a range of dance subgenres and pulled out the elements which translates his energy behind the decks through his music. A-side ‘Parabol’ rattles with skating percussion and explodes into life with a thumping undercurrent of bass. As one layer is added to the next, you’re driven down an almighty drop, one peddled with crashing drum loops and wobbling subs. On the reverse, ‘Block Hugger’ comes hard and fast, punching through with smashing breaks and sliced, warbling samples. ‘Block Hugger’ is a war cry for the heaviest of nights and it proves how devastating Doctrine’s cuts are on dancefloors. His forthcoming output proves his signature is becoming more refined; as a result, his name is becoming a staple on line ups across the globe with Ram’s support.

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Murdock & Doctrine – On A Rampage (Rampage Anthem 2018)

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It’s here: The official anthem of Rampage 2018 Weekender.

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Murdock – Rhythm (ft. MC Mota)

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Further building our Belgian brotherhood, the next instalment on Dispatch LTD sees a debut from Murdock on the label, alongside Doctrine & MC Mota. With a multitude of accolades, including performances at Europe’s biggest events and an increasingly vast back catalogue, we are pleased to welcome the guys to Dispatch; keeping the beats moody, but the energy levels high.

Two tracks explore the depth in Murdock’s sound, collaborating with Doctrine for a more dubbed out, stepping vibe on ‘Planet Rock Riddim’, before bringing in MC Mota for some dancefloor poised fire, with their track ‘Rhythm’. Hitting hard from two sides of the coin, Murdock is bringing the weight on this one; further proof of the superb talents brewing in Belgium right now.

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↪ Murdock:

↪ MC Mota:

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Doctrine – Thunder ft. Shae Jacobs

Doctrine – Thunder – Out Now

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Doctrine began his illustrated music career within the world of drum & bass and dubstep. Able to effortlessly master the production styles of both sub genres, his gradual ascent was littered by various critically acclaimed Eps and singles, each time pushing him further and further into the spotlight. Playing his music alongside high calibre artists across Europe, from DJ Hype to Mala, his taste has proven to be eclectic and this shines through in every one of his releases.

With support from the likes of Ministry of Sound and some of the industries biggest tastemaker YouTube channels, Doctine’s name has become well known across both the live scene and cyberspace simultaneously. However, this time he’s been enlisted into the ranks of Ram Records, one of the industries most esteemed dance music labels and a pillar of the drum & bass community. His hard-driving, eminent merger of classic funk, jazz and neurofunk fits perfectly inside the imprint’s back catalogue, signalling through his effortless skill why he was taken onboard.

Glitchy beat patterns and rumbling, cranking drums characterises first track Panopticon, which draws for a darkly extra-terrestrial atmosphere. Pumping synths underpin the flowing bassline, creating a driving rhythm and a hook which shines through each flipping relay of sonic. Rhythmic grooves give the record a more dancefloor appeal, demonstrating a carefully manufactured design which has the versatility to confine itself within any set. On the flipside, Thunder rolls out next, with the help of Shae Jacob’s vocal prowess. Stocky subs and elevated vocal crescendos draw you deep into the mix, presenting a crashing drop that throws you into crunching bass. Emotive lyrics pepper each breakdown, creating a crossover anthem that still bites with every drum loop. Doctrine shows his enviable talent, with a divisive single on a definitive label.

Doctrine is once again pushing his sound into unknown territories. The result can only be a fan base which expands with his growing reach.

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Skankandbass returns to London for their second event, 8th March 2017. Attend on Facebook:
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Exclusively available on the Rampage 2017 compilation, on 2CD and digital download, alongside tracks and remixes by Noisia, Doctrine, A.M.C, Doctor P, Murdock, James Marvel, Fox Stevenson, Funtcase, Feint, Caspa & Rusko and many more.


Radar Records:

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Murdock & Doctrine – Fire (Rampage Anthem 2017)

It’s here… the official Anthem of Rampage 2017.
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NeurofunkGrid: Let It Roll 2016 Promo Mix (mixed by McFly)

Take us back to Let It Roll.

Presenting our promo mix for Let It Roll, previously hosted on their SoundCloud. Mixed by our boy McFly.

Hive – Neo (Remix) // Violence Recordings
Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit // Vision
Smooth – Let it Roll // Viper
L 33 – Grime all the time // Eatbrain
Smooth – WTF // Viper
Audio – Motormouth // Ram Records
Break – Unification // CIA Records
Phace – Lit Up // Neosignal
Telekinesis – Listen // blackout
Prolix – Nature of reality // Shogun Audio
Redpill – Bass taste // Mindtech (Dub)
Emperor – One Foot // Critical
Cruk – Sucker Punch // Titan
Agressor Bunx – Rhodium // Eatbrain
Fierce & Zero T – Profile // Quarantine
Jade – What you are (Break Remix) // Citrus
Quadrant & Iris – Definition // Commercial Suicide
Logham & Mayhem – Vanguard // Santoku Records
HLZ – Theia // Integral Records
Jubei & Vicious Circle – Cloak & Dagger // Modulate
Mean Teeth – Rattlefunk // Cyberfunk (Dub)
Jam Thieves – Doping // Playaz
Signs – The Pursuit // Kosen Prod. (Dub)
Monty – ID // ??? (Dub)
BSE & State of mind – Until the world ends (Mind Vortex Remix) // Blackout
Mefjus – Blitz // Neosignal
Mob Tactics – Widowmaker // Viper
Phace – So excited // Neosignal
Matrix & Futurebound – Scatterbrain // Viper
Telekinesis ft. Coppa – Fight Club (Pythius Remix) // Blackout
Sub Focus – Timewarp VIP // Ram Records
Gancher & Ruin VS Jade – Jump! // Eatbrain Dub
AMC & Six Blade – Rock’n’Ride // Titan
The Upbeats – The Furies // Drum&Bass Arena
Mefjus – Suicide bassline VIP // Critical
Matrix – Shelter // Viper
Billain – Mushin Chip // Kaizan Records
Insideinfo & Mefjus – Leibniz // Virus
Doctrine – Airlock // Invisible
Gran Calavera – Deludamol // Blendits
Synth Ethics – Archetype // ??? (Dub)
The Prototypes – Redose (Insideinfo Remix) // Viper
DLR – Pain // Dispatch
The Prototypes – Rocket Guns Blazin’ // Get Hype Records
L 33 – Club Life // Eatbrain
Killer Hertz – All Out // Viper
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Sputnik // Technique
Apex – Same Old Blues // Lifted Music
Chris SU & State of Mind – Above Earth // Fate Recordings
Tantrum Desire ft. Coppa – Repeat // Technique
L 33 – Scream // Eatbrain
Dub Phizix – Bounce // Senka Sonic
Impak – ID // Neurofunkgrid (Dub)
Crissy Criss, Malux & Erb n Dub – Blizzard // ProgRAM
Telekinesis – Shut Up // Blackout
Noisia & Alix Perez – Underprint // Invisible
Jam Thieves – Genesis // Playaz
Klone – Oblivion // Mindtech
Serum – Dark Clouds // V Recordings
Signal & Disprove – Vanguard // Critical
Skylark – Sequence // DnB France
Cursa – Egg Cup // Plasma Audio
Dub Head – Spaceship // Dispatch
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Outlaw Renegade // technique
Break – Destiny comes ringing // Commercial Suicide
Jam Thieves – Alcatraz // New Playaz
Neonlight & Wintermute – Never Stop // Blackout
ID – ID // ??? (Dub)
Incognito – Foundations // Cyberfunk
Barbarix – Pirates // ??? (Dub)
Kasper & Satl – Mr Funky // Fokuz

– Mc Fly –
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– NeurofunkGrid –
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Murdock & Doctrine – Arena (Rampage Anthem 2016)

To all you lucky people going to Rampage this year, expect this track to pop off more than once that night…
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Blackout Podcast 51 – Ordure & Shield [Official Channel] Drum & Bass

Blackout podcast, bringing the finest Drum & Bass around. This edition is mixed by Ordure & Shield!

Download Link:

1. Ordure & Shield – Dumflad [Blackout Music]
2. Pythius – Coruscant [Blackout Music]
3. Skeptical – Square Breathing [Ingredients Records]
4. Barbarix – Get Hard [dub]
5. Klax – Blackball [Critical Music]
6. Joe Ford – Neon [Shogun Audio]
7. Neonlight & Wintermute – Guinea Pig [Blackout Music]
8. Subtension – Funk Off [Critical Music]
9. Ivy Lab – Forex [Critical Music]
10. Octane & DLR – Set Up The Set ft. Script [Dispatch Recordings]
11. Doctrine – Airlock [Invisible Recordings]
12. Pythius – New Order [Blackout Music]
13. Malux – Wretch [dub]
14. Audeka – Peat Bog (Posij Remix) [Underslung Audio]
15. Agressor Bunx – Infinity [Blackout Music]
16. Black Daniels – Pyramids (Shield 2015 Banger Edit) [Cart Records]
17. ID – ID [dub]
18. Noisia – Leopard Slug [Vision Recordings]
19. The Upbeats – Paranormal Roller [Let It Roll]
20. Task Horizon – Body Tetris [Blackout Music]
21. Fytch – Sirens Over Paris [Villain Recordings]
22. Disprove – ID [dub]
23. Tidewarp – ID [dub]
24. Bass Brothers – Dancehall Killaz [Playaz Recordings]
25. Noisia & Ivy Lab – Possession [Division Recordings]
26. The Upbeats – Def Crescent [Blackout Music]
27. L 33 – Rei [Blackout Music]
28. Ordure – ID [dub]
29. Mefjus – Saturate [Critical Music]
30. Black Sun Empire – Monologue (Ulterior Motive Remix) [Blackout Music]
31. Ed Rush & Optical – Chubrub [Virus Recordings]
32. 2N – Chronic Smoke [Eatbrain]
33. DC Breaks – Shaman [RAM Records]
34. Annix – Nuff Sound Can’t Play [Playaz Recordings]
35. Upgrade – More [Serial Killaz]
36. Noisia & Spor – Falling Through [Vision Recordings]
37. NickBee – Third Entity [Invisible Recordings]
38. Corteks – ID [dub]
39. Segment & Concept Vision – Executed [Blackout Music]
40. Tobax – Mezzanine VIP [NeurofunkGrid]
41. Gydra – Nailsbucket [Blackout Music]
42. Shield – My Flava [20/20 LDN dub]
43. Phace & Misanthrop – Desert Orgy [Neosignal Recordings]
44. Teknian, Disprove & Ordure – Lockheed [Inspected Records]



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Noisia Radio S01E27 (Favourites of 2015) [Full Version]

In the last episode of the year the three of us go through our favourites from season 1 of Noisia Radio, and the presence of an airhorn soundboard in Nik’s vicinity makes for a very messy Christmas episode. Subscribe to Noisia Radio:

Noisia – Incessant [VISION]
Two Fingers – Cashew Rhythm [DIVISION]
Doctrine – Airlock [INVISIBLE]
Ivy Lab – Planebeats [20/20]
Hybris – Transgressor [INVISIBLE]
Herzeloyde – Spam [SOUNDCLOUD]
Ocean Wisdom – Ewok Prod. Kidkanevil [PAR EXCELLENCE]
Shield – Horrormovie [SOUNDCLOUD]
Phace & Noisia – Drawback [CRITICAL]
Stephan Bodzin – Blue Giant [HERZBLUT]
Hybris – Timeloop VIP [FREE]
Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit [VISION]
Rockwell – Dizzle [SHOGUN]
Xtrah & Noisia – Gravitas [INVISIBLE]
Felix – 4Grantd [RECORD RECORD]
Alphie & Halpe – Fake [SOUNDCLOUD]
Enei & Mefjus – Deadspace [CRITICAL]
Sofie Letitre – Slip [DIVISION]
Bentz – Powdr [SOUNDCLOUD]
Current Value – Rocket Science [BLACKOUT]
X&G – Whiplash Ft. Josh Pan [SOUNDCLOUD]
Sofie Letitre – Home (Thys Remix) [DIVISION]
Tsuruda – Punjabi $lang [SOUNDCLOUD]
TI & Upgrade – Lobster Pot [CO-LAB]
Monuman – Half Face [SOUNDCLOUD]
Rival Consoles – Recovery [ERASED TAPES]

Noisia Radio S01E25

This week we have another brand new Invisible track and Thijs gives a short lecture about aquatic birds.

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Davip – Helicopters [INVISIBLE]
Klax – The Level Ft. MC ID [CRITICAL]
Rockwell – 14ME [SHOGUN]
Doctrine – Deckard [RAM]
I Am Legion – Blue Shift [DIVISION]
DBR UK & Denial – Poison Light [DISPATCH]
16Bit – Skullcrack [MTA]
Tsuruda – Ode2noertheboy [SOUNDCLOUD]
Heist – Grebe [METALHEADZ]
Noisia – Square Feet [VISION]
Arkaik, Dexta, Mauoq & Mtwn – Tales Of A Tonka Truck Driver [DIFFRENT]
Mefjus & Phace – Clock Off [NEOSIGNAL]
Noer The Boy – Bowtothesword [SOUNDCLOUD]
Mikal – Fear The Unknown [METALHEADZ]
Noisia & Alix Perez – Underprint [INVISIBLE]
Noisia & The Upbeats – Inverse [VISION]
Samiyam – Kitties [BRAINFEEDER]
Dawn Wall – Round Table [INTEGRAL]
Combat zone.mp3 (With The Upbeats)
Universal Project – Vessel [VIRUS]
Burial – Wounder [HYPERDUB]

Doctrine – Deckard (RAM Annual 2016)

RAM’s Drum & Bass Annual 2016 – watch/listen here!
RAM Drum & Bass Annual 2016 – Out 11/12/15

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After yet another incredible year for one of the scene’s most beloved labels, Ram has left its mark on all corners of the globe. Firmly cementing its place at the top with another run of sold out shows all over the world, Andy achieving the monstrous feat of selling out Brixton Academy twice and some serious quality productions from the label’s artists, Ram has been turning heads from all corners of the scene. This collection of tracks celebrate yet another milestone in Ram Records history of bringing you only the finest Drum & Bass cuts.

Ram Drum & Bass Annual 2016 boasts an onslaught of tracks perfected by their ever growing roster of incredible artists. With huge standout tracks such as “Where we go feat Doctor” from heavyweights Calyx and Teebee and the incredible speaker rattling ” Shatterdome” from Audio destroying dancefloors worldwide, Ram has left no stone unturned in this mind blowing representation of all styles of drum & bass.

Bringing all flavours of the scene into the mix, iconic anthems such as the mind blowing “Teddynator” by Teddy Killerz, and “Breathe” by Wilkinson to the beautiful masterpiece “We are not Human feat Hannah Lux” by June Miller and the slicing, head bobbing groove of Gerra and Stone’s jungle bomber “L.I.E.S (The Jungle VIP)” prove that Ram continues to provide nothing but the best quality drum & bass across the whole spectrum.

Taking massive cuts from Ram’s hugely successful and coveted sister label ProgRAM. New blood from all over the world have made their stamp on the scene with monster cuts from Slang Banger annihilating dancefloors with the catchy “Slaughterhouse” or the legendary MC Fats joining Stealth to bring you the deep, moving piece “The Truth”. With the hugely popular “Encrypted” EP hitting the stores and showcasing raw fresh talent from all over, Ram sets the bar time and time again bringing nothing but the very best. With 29 incredible tracks, this diverse compilation is a perfect delivery of Ram’s finest and best loved work of the year.

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Impak – Koalition Promo Mix

For its 10th edition the Koalition festival invites you to join the northern steppes. Clan Karnage’s Drakkars traveled around the globe to bring back artists from faraway continents in their holds, captured for some or volunteers for others, they join the ranks of our warriors to form a coalition of fighters of various faiths.

This year we open the gates to stunning alliances that will crown the battlefield of their wild kicks. For two nights, the clan offers an expedition into the depths of electronic music, come and invade six territories inspired by the most famous Scandinavian myths where you’ll have to fight on our side to sublimate this 10th edition!



Fan page /


Tracklist :
1. Noisia & The Upbeats – Dead Limit (Vision)
2. Impak – Antigravity (Dub)
3. Impak – Handsaw (Dub)
4. Impak – Vortex (Redlight)
5. Impak – Pterodactyl (Redlight)
6. Impak – The Other (Redlight)
7. Impak – Node (Ammunition)
8. Impak – Spiral (Ammunition)
9. Impak – The Hum (NeurofunkGrid) FREE
10. Impak – The Visitors (Ammunition)
11. Cause4Concern – Time Stopper (Impak Remix)
12. Impak – Dark Matter (Dub)
13. The Clamps – Strange Days (Impak Remix) (Kosen Prod)
14. Doctrine – Airlock (Invisible)
15. Impak – Try Againg (C4C)

– Artist –
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Noisia Radio S01E14

This week we’ve got Thijs (aka Thys hehehe) taking control of Noisia Radio, as Nik and Martijn have traveled Down Under to DJ. Expect an episode that’s maybe a little weirder than usual: Thijs has taken the chance to select a lot of dark and subliminal tunes, and some futuristic hiphop-influenced bass music as well as the usual contenders.

Subscribe to Noisia Radio:

Decimal Bass – Work For Nothing [PLAYAZ]
Alphie & Halpe – Fake [FREE]
Data & Keza – Surveillance [INSIDE]
Fracture & Chimpo – From Early [METALHEADZ]
Mono/poly – Crypto Bell [HIT&RUN]
Was A Be – Carcosa [SUBTITLES]
Mr Explicit – Cringe [DREADUK]
Noisia & Hybris – Crystalline [INVISIBLE]
Ivy Lab – Shamrock [20/20]
Kid Kanevil ft Ocean Wisdom – Ewok [Par Excellence]
Sofie Letitre – Home – Thys Remix [DIVISION]
Angel Zero – Laroux [SUBTITLES]
Emperor & Mefjus – Disrupted [CRITICAL]
Doctrine – Airlock [INVISIBLE]
Donny – Symptomless Coma – Current Value Remix [BARCODE]
Clay – Ascond [FREE]
drifter downtempo 2.mp3
Sofie Letitre – Home – Think Twice Remix [DIVISION]

Doctrine – Airlock

If you’ve seen Noisia lately, you’ll know this one…
Taken from Invisible 015, out now on digital and 2 x 12″ vinyl at:

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Invisible Recordings
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Hypoxia & Doctrine – Carcosa [Bad Taste]

Blackout Youtube Selection, Bringing you the finest and latest of the heavier styles of Drum & Bass!

From the new Molecular Music VA Album on Bad taste!

Release date:
Beatport: September 4th
Worldwide : September 18th

Pre Order:



Bad Taste

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Murdock & Doctrine – I Owe You


Murdock spent some time in the studio with some of his brightest affiliates: prodigies Doctrine and Champion, for the first in a series of EPs that sees Radar Records and Rampage head honcho Murdock join forces with some of the biggest talents from Belgium and beyond. The result is a double a-side that oozes old school vibes and dancefloor energy. Stay tuned for more collabs coming soon.


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Bredren – Rejection


Radar Records drop the Rampage EP, celebrating the local talent that represented at Europe’s biggest drum&bass and dubstep event. Out now on Beatport exclusively, featuring Murdock, Doctrine, Bredren, Station Earth, Phase&Whiney.






Murdock x Doctrine – Acid Howl (Rampage Anthem)

Murdock x Doctrine – Acid Howl (Rampage Anthem) is out on 14th February on Radar Records.

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Belgium heavyweight Murdock is back alongside Doctrine and this is their creation. A crisp snare hit along with a dark, catchy bass line makes this one to listen out for! “Acid Howl (Rampage Anthem)” will be out along with the rest of the Rampage EP, including tracks by Bredren, Phase & Whiney.

NFG Talents Mix 006 by CliffHanga

The new episode is here and it’s a special one, NFG hitted 10.000 subscribers a few days back and NFG Talents Mix is now 1 year old ! To celebrate all of this CliffHanga brings us an anniversary mix full of bangers !!!

Listen and download the full mix on Soundcloud :

Tracklist :

01 Loadstar – Kaoss (Ram Records)
02 Impak & Ek50 – The Trap (Dubplate)
03 NRanges & Uberman feat. MC Nuclear – So Sharp (Citrus Dub)
04 Kung – Formula (Citrus Recordings)
05 Rido – Exoplanet (Obsessions Recordings)
06 Fourward & Mefjus – Doctrine (Mefjus VIP) (Dubplate)
07 Place2b – In the End (Trust In Music Dub)
08 Billain – Kontra (Citrus Recordings)
09 Pilotpriest – Bodydouble (Phace remix) (Neosignal Digital)
10 Descent & Halogen – Immune (Black Seeds Dub)
11 Impak – You and Me (Trust In Music Dub)
12 Yanntek – Audiosurf (Ammunition Dub)
13 Emperor – Rolling Thunder (Dubplate)
14 EBK – Clouds (Renegade Hardware)
15 Mefjus – Metaknowledge (Disturbed Recordings)
16 Phace – Basic Memory (Neosignal)
17 Nocturnal and Hybris – Pyramids (Revolution Recordings)
18 Lynx and Kemo – Global Enemies (Computerartist remix) (Free Download)
19 Need for Mirrors – Skip Rope (Symmetry Recordings)
20 NRanges and Uberman – Endurance (Dubplate)
21 EBK – Hybrid (Revolution Recordings)
22 London Elektricity – U Gotta Be Crazy (Enei Remix) (Hospital Records)
23 Basher – Illusion (Ram Records)
24 Ed Rush and Optical – Fixation (Virus Recordings)
25 Enei – One Chance (VIP) (Dubplate)
26 D-Bridge – True Romance (Metalheadz Recordings)
27 Marcus Intalex – Temperance (Soul:R Recordings)

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