Marcus Intalex – Deep Stepper

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SUNANDBASS Recordings eighth release is on the horizon, an EP from none other than Marcus Intalex. A strong supporter of the festival since its inception, the idea for him to release on SUNANDBASS was manifested over many a warm Sardinian night, and now they present the three tracks Marcus gave to the label before his tragic passing. They are finally seeing the light with the respects of his family to celebrate his incredible legacy and irrepressible talent.

‘Deep Stepper’, ‘Roller 170’ and ‘Ninety One’ all have the classic Marcus sound, classical yet refined Drum & Bass, tinged with Detroit Techno and classic house, all melded together to form a coherent and distinct vibe and sound that Marcus is so revered for. The tracks are upfront and powerful enough to work on the dancefloor, yet also have a depth and feeling to them for the dedicated listener. It is an honour to feature Marcus here’s on Skankandbass, and for SUNANDBASS to include him into their catalogue.

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