VICE News Daily: Peru’s Crackdown on Illegal Mining

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Peruvian authorities demolish an illegal mining camp in the Amazon, strike leaves Nepal’s hospitals and clinics empty, Japan’s elderly are dying alone, and a Gaza resident says he was duped into selling a Banksy mural for under $200.

Fighting Illegal Gold Mining in the Amazon
Navy and police officers detonated equipment used to extract gold at an unauthorized camp in the country’s northeast.

Doctors Strike to Demand Reforms to Medical Education
More than 5,000 medical professionals didn’t show up to work in solidarity with a hunger-striking colleague.

Cleanup Crews Respond to Rising ‘Lonely Deaths’
More and more people are dying alone in the rapidly aging country.

Man Regrets Sale of Banksy Mural
A 33-year-old man accidentally sold the painted iron door of his demolished home, completely unaware of its value.

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