Inside Iraq’s Debaga Refugee Camp (HBO)

This segment originally aired Oct. 28, 2016 on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

Iraqi and Kurdish forces have faced stiff resistance in their operations to clear ISIS fighters from Mosul’s surrounding areas.

Eleven days into the Mosul offensive, the number of civilians fleeing the fighting continues to rise — more than 16,500 people are now officially recorded as displaced. But over the course of the battle ahead, that total is expected to rise as high as one million.

So far around 55 percent of the displaced have made their way to one of the camps that have already been set up. But these camps only have space for about 60,000 people. Urgent construction is underway on facilities that can hold another 450,000.

Hind Hassan spoke to refugees in the Debaga camp in Iraq, who talked about their life under ISIS rule, and what might happen to them next.

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