What It’s Like To Have A Famous Far-Right Sibling And Disagree With Them (HBO)

Politics can create deeply awkward Thanksgiving dinners for many American families, but for these guys, politics is actually tearing their families apart. Dave and Tim Gosar were so appalled by the public positions of their brother, Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar, that they appeared in an ad for his political opponent. Curtis Ingraham is the brother of Fox News host Laura Ingraham. He says they used to be so close they could finish each other’s sentences; now he denounces her hot takes on Twitter.

“Are you supposed to stand by your family no matter what they do? ‘Oh, hi Paul, other than demonizing immigrants and trying to take away our healthcare… how’s it going?” Dave Gosar said. “Let’s agree to disagree about taking babies from their parents at the border…Pass the turkey!”

Curtis’ sister was just parodied on Saturday Night Live. He said Kate McKinnon captured his sister’s mannerisms beautifully, but he’s unsettled by what the parody symbolizes. “Someone asked me: is that your sister or is she playing a personality?” Curtis said. “I think that is her now, that’s who she has become.”

VICE News brought the three of them together in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, before the midterm elections, to talk about what it’s like to experience a very common family drama on a national stage.

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