Former Australian sniper now champions all women anti-poaching in Zimbabwe | AFP

Damien Mander didn’t care about the environment as a child – he was a hunter and liked the admiration it brought. Today, Damien is a vegan and heads up the International Anti-Poaching Foundation. After being in the Australian special forces and spending time in Iraq in the private security sector he went looking for renewed purpose – and he found it wildlife conservation. His all female Akashinga rangers make global headlines as they rework this once all-male profession.

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Erb N Dub – Let Me Fly (feat. Skope & Damien Soul)


Technique present Erb & Dub ‘Let Me Fly’ Skope shares production duties and smoking vocals are laced by Damien Soul. As Damien’s blue-sky voice soars over reinforced-concrete beats and gritty mids and basses, this brings alive the sound of summer in the city. With both a full-fat Club Mix, and a Radio Mix to choose from, this is an anthem that proves D&B can go hard even when the sun’s out.