Dakar Rally participants head out for race

Dakar Rally participants head out to the formal start for the first stage (Lima-Pisco) of the 41st edition of the race in Peru.

Chinese Foreign Minister meets Senegalese counterpart in Dakar

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi meets with his Senegalese counterpart Sadiki Kaba in Dakar. IMAGES

Down Syndrome competitor to make Dakar Rally history

Lucas Barron will make history when he lines up on the Dakar 2019 start line in Peru, the first person with Down Syndrome to take part in the gruelling race.

Thousands protest in Senegal to demand “transparent elections”

Thousands of Senegalese opposition supporters march in Dakar to demand that presidential elections scheduled for 24 February be “fair and transparent”. The march was authorised by the government and was carried out under close police supervision. IMAGES

Opening ceremony for the Museum of Black Civilisations in Dakar

Senegalese President Macky Sall attends the opening ceremony of the Museum of Black Civilizations, in Dakar. It is the culmination of a 50-year-old project to celebrate the achievements of black civilisations from the beginnings of humanity up to the present day.

Senegalese president inaugurates Black Civilisations museum

After several decades of waiting, the Museum of Black Civilisations is inaugurated by President Macky Sall in Dakar. IMAGES

Surfers ride big waves as strong swell hits Dakar coast

Surfers take advantage of an exceptional swell on the Senegalese coast to ride the “Ouakam wave” — one of the most beautiful in the country, according to specialists. IMAGES AND SOUNDBITES

Volunteers clean up a beach in Dakar as part of World Clean-up

In Dakar, volunteers and employees of the Senegalese national office of sanitation (ONAS) carry out a symbolic cleaning operation of part of Hann bay, one of the most polluted beaches of the capital. The day before, a financing agreement of 20 millions euros was signed between the Senegalese government and the Dutch cooperation for an important project to clean-up the bay. The clean-up project is expected to start by the end of this year and take between three and five years to complete, according to officials.

Fans in Dakar watch Senegal World Cup match against Japan

Fans in Dakar watch the Senegal-Japan World Cup match, which concluded in a draw. As it stands, Japan and Senegal have four points after two games. IMAGES

Senegal: new clashes in universities between students and police

New clashes erupt in universities across Senegal between students and police, a day after a student was killed by police during a protest. In Dakar, students throw rocks at policemen at the entrance of the university Cheikh Anta Diop while Policemen were retaliating with teargas. IMAGES