Fighters find wrestling mecca in Russia’s Dagestan

In the Dagestan region of Russia, wrestling is immensely popular with local children, who come from humble roots and hope one day to repeat the triumphs of their older peers bringing home world championship medals. With the republic becoming a steady supplier of world and Olympic champions, the mountainous region’s training grounds have even started attracting foreign athletes, like French national Saifedine Alekma.

Tightrope tradition on verge of extinction in Russia’s Dagestan

In a remote village of Chakhchakh in the southern Russian region of Dagestan, 13-year-old Muhamed Balikhanov is one of the few to continue a tradition of tightrope walking that dates back centuries. While the art of balancing on a taut rope or wire is often performed in circuses, for locals in the mountainous North Caucasus region, it began as a way to take short cuts between precipitously placed villages.

Motocross revs back to life in southern Russia

A motocross competition took place in Russia’s southern region of Dagestan recently, reviving a pastime that was once popular in the region in the late 1970s and early 1980s.