Blackout Podcast 67: Inward, Hanzo & Randie [Official Channel] Drum & Bass

Blackout podcast, bringing the finest Drum & Bass around.

This edition is Mixed by Inward, Hanzo & Randie!

Download here:

01.IHR & Akrom – Red Matter
02.Kryptomedic and Disphonia – All Ears
03.Rido and Synergy – Response
04.Dub Elements – Invasion
05.Optiv, CZA vs IHR – Third Kind
06.Telekinesis – No Brain No Pain
07.Disphonia – Disintegrate
08.Current Value – Eager Fight (A.M.C Remix)
09.ID – ID
10.ID – ID
11.IHR – Dirt
12.IHR – Skorpio
13.ID – ID
14.ID – ID
15.Dub Elements – Brain Eaters
16.ID – ID
17.Mr Frenkie – Bass Symptom
18.ID – ID
19.Synth Ethics – Do & Die VIP
20.ID – ID
21.IHR ft. Synth Ethics – Tune-X
22.DR & Coppa – Promised Land
23.Current Value – Bigger Picture
24.Silent Witness – Drop It
25.Merikan – Infobesity
26.July Jones – Jump In The Water (Memtrix Remix)
27.The Upbeats – Grasshopper
28.Gridlok & Hive – Gunrunner
29.Noisia and the Upbeats – Inverse
30.IHR – Ion Jam
31.Phace and Mefjus – Wastemen
32.Malux – Warp Drive
33.Black Sun Empire – Foundation
34.Optiv & BTK – Supernova
35.Gydra – Noise Of The Machine
36.Agressor Bunx – Jungle Future
37.Disprove – Call the Shots
38.Agressor Bunx – Call Me Back
39.ID – ID
40.Neonlight – The Towering Inferno
41.Optiv, CZA vs IHR – Burnout
42.IHR – Pierce
43.Gydra – Unhigned
44.ID – ID
45.ID – ID
46.Cause4Concern – Moongerm (Pythius Remix)

Inward, Hanzo & Randie

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Pythius, Optiv & CZA – Battlecruiser [Cause4Concern]

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Optiv & CZA – Pitch Funk [C4C Recordings]

Blackout Youtube Selection, Bringing you the finest and latest of the heavier styles of Drum & Bass!

Forthcoming on Cause 4 Concern Recordings
Beatport Exclusive: 2016 12 16
General Release: 2016 12 30



C4C Recs

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Billain – Metal Jaws

Forthcoming as part of MethLab // 2 via Bad Taste Recordings on the 20th of May alongside tracks from the likes of Optiv, CZA, Disprove, Machine Code, Current Value & more!


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All of the music on this channel has either been sent to me directly by the artists themselves or from the label who own the copyright to the song. If you have any further questions please dont hesitate to email me. Images are downloaded from a free site, if you happen to be the owner/designer please again dont hesitate to inbox me to attach links, copyright or to simply remove the content.

Mindscape – Stardust (JADE Remix)

Released 23rd November.

Following up on his landmark “Martian Chronicles” LP for Commercial Suicide, Mindscape has carefully selected a number of artisanal craftsmen to delicately fondle and caress his excellence into a series of outstanding reworks.

Witness this, the first volume of greatness, with remixes from, JADE and CHRIS SU with digital bonus remixes from NYMFO and CZA.


Commercial Suicide:




Blackout Podcast 31 – mixed by Mindscape [Official Channel] Drum & Bass

The 31st edition of the Blackout Podcast, bringing you the finest Drum & Bass! (formerly known as Black Sun Empire Podcast)

Mixed by Mindscape

Download Link:




01 Concept Vision & Sigment – Meteor [Blackout]
02 Task Horizon – Flame Fetish [Evo Chamber]
03 Noisia – Oh Oh [vision]
04 Rockwell – 1 2 3 4 [Shogun Audio]
05 BTK & Mindscape – Nemesis [Virus]
06 Optiv & CZA – What Lies Ahead [C4C]
07 BTK feat. Ryme Tyme – Spawn [dub]
08 Ed Rush – Scarabs [Piranha Pool]
09 Gridlok feat. Codebreaker – The Call [Virus]
10 Optiv, BTK & Mindscape – Intruder [Virus]
11 State of Mind – Long Term Effect [Citrus]
12 Mindscape – Warp Zone (CZA remix) [Commercial Suicide]
13 Neonlight – Transit [Blackout]
14 Gridlok & DSL – MDMX [Project 51]
15 Break – Groove With It [Life]
16 Mindscape & Jade feat. Coppa – Friday the 13th VIP [Eatbrain/dub]
17 Maztek – M-Theory (Audio remix) [Renegade Hardware]
18 Hybris – Timeloop [Invisible]
19 Cause 4 Concern – Freeze Frame [C4C]
20 Zombie Cats & Mefjus – Must Eat [Eatbrain]
21 Optiv, BTK & Mindscape – Goin In [Virus]
22 Ed Rush – Boxcar [Piranha Pool]
23 Concept Vision & Sigment – Though Leap [Blackout]
24 Mindscape – Deadly Force [dub]
25 Mob Tactics – Alcatraz [MTA]
26 Mindscape & Audio ft. Stapleton – Truth Hurts (Maztek remix) [Commercial Suicide]
27 Neonlight – Heavy Bettie [Blackout]
28 Mindscape – Stardust (Jade remix) [Commercial Suicide]
29 CruK – Condition Zero [Bad Taste]
30 Maztek – Sinestesia (Mindscape remix) [Dutty Audio]
31 Dabs – Objection VIP [Dispatch]
32 Fade & Abiotic – Banshee [Faded Music]
33 Nymfo – Electrosmog [Commercial Suicide]
34 Mindscape – Mechanical Man (Chris.SU remix) [Commercial Suicide]
35 Evol Intent – Under The Radar [Evol Intent]
36 Dom & Roland – Outta Ends VIP [Metalheadz]
37 Bad Company – Spider (Optiv & BTK remix) [dub]
38 Cern & Dabs – Alter Ego [Dispatch]
39 Nymfo – Tower of David [Dispatch]
40 Mob Tactics ft Lauren Johnson – The Answer [MTA]
41 Slang Banger – Labyrinth [Program]
42 Klute – Mirror 2 Void [Commercial Suicide]

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Renegade Hardware 19th Birthday – 1st Feb 2014 – Official Trailer

Buy Tickets: or

The wait is over! The return of Renegade Hardware in London, and it’s a big one. We’re back at Electric for our 19th Birthday!



Room 2 – Hosted by Colours Audio


Renegade Hardware 19th Birthday @ Electric Brixton
Sat 1st Feb 2014

RH Shop:
See Tickets:
or call: 0871 220 0260

£8 Early Bird – SOLD OUT
£10 1st Release – SOLD OUT
£12 2nd Release – SOLD OUT
£15 Final Release – ON SALE
**More On The Door**

To kick off 2014 Hardware places itself firmly in contention for one of the most anticipated events of the year. To celebrate the labels 19 year history we’re throwing a huge celebration at Electric in Brixton!

Following the massive success of our first showcase at the venue we’re been constantly asked when the next instalment would be, and we’re happy to reveal that on 1st February 2014…we’re back!

If you were one of the many who attended our first event, you know the night far exceeded the hype and our Birthday event promises to be even bigger and better!

We’ve crafted an absolutely killer line up that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Tickets will undoubtedly be in high demand so make sure you book your place right now at our main event of the year! Its going to be too much to miss!


Town Hall Parade

Video Edited by:

Task Horizon – Shattered Self ft. MC Spyda [Evolution Chamber]

Task Horizon – Arachnophilia EP
Evolution Chamber Recordings

1 Shattered Self ft. MC Spyda
2 Let Them Talk ft. MC Spyda
3 No Soundboy ft. MC Spyda
4 Unimpossible ft. MC Spyda

Full Release: 28 th Oct 2013
CAT: EVOCEP001 / Digital

Music which stands the test of time, which transcends technology and reaches into the souls of listeners. This is the basis of Task Horizon’s projects and is the legacy of their time together. Their work ethic and desire has resulted in much-acclaimed releases on
DSCI4, Timeless, Cause4Concern, and more, and has seen them launch their own Evolution Chamber label, where they continue to explore the possibilities of d&b, drumstep, electro and beyond.

Sub Focus “Shattered shelf is a great track”
Prototypes “Shattered is sick,”
CRAZE “Dope shit!”
Optiv “Great Tunes As Always!!!!”

Their latest mission sees them team up with The Black Tarantula himself MC Spyda on the Arachnophilia EP. This four-tracker sees the duo at their peak, controlling the boards like only they know how. Moving effortlessly between styles, the EP shows off their skill and passion in equal measure. Opener Shattered Self moves with a range of emotions, from dark, through deep, to elegiac and uplifting. Electronic music from and for the next millennium, the sonic background fits and moulds to Spyda’s rhymes perfectly. Beyond enormous.

The Swiss producers’ music has been supported by Noisia, Ed Rush and Optical, Optiv and more and it’s not hard to see why. Let Them Talk carries on the vibe of the EP, heading into some driving, cinematic territory, where their electro and dubstep influences come shining through. Again, Spyda’s killer rhymes are clear, sharp and delivered with venom and intent. Climb inside.

John B “wow. nuts. thanks.”
Neon Lights “HUGE! big prodcution as always! Big ups bad boy :)”
Zardonic “Shattered Self is gonna wreak some
serious havok!”

Who can test Task Horizon and Spyda? No Soundboy, according to the third cut on the collection. More bass n’ beats madness pervades this one, with a stuttering, storming drum line to satisfy all and sundry. Builds, drops, synths and pure craziness, as the MC stamps his authority on all proceedings. Sharp, funky and seriously dangerous. Closer Unimpossible collects things together perfectly, as it hurtles through space and time in an intergalactic battle between the producers and vocalist. Complete with touches of drum & bass, drumstep, dubstep and that indefinable quality which all great producers have, it is a fitting end to the EP.

Task Horizon continue on their quest to bring music forward and take it to new places. Lose your fears, and come face to face with the Arachnophila EP.

Rene LaVice “love mc spyda, bigup”
Billain “like this alot!!!”
Gremlinz “Heavy release!”
Brookes Bros “Cracking combo bigups guys”

DJ SUPPORT: Sub Focus, The Prototypes, John B, Chris Renegade, CRAZE, Optiv, Mob Tactics, Zeds Dead, Treo, CZA, Neon Lights, Drumsound, Black Sun Empire, Basher, DC Breaks, Brookes Bros, Telekinesis, Doc Scott, Mufler, Dose, No Money, Gremlinz, Zardonic, Rene LaVice, Billain! /

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Optiv & Cza – Back To The Future

Buy Here:

Optiv & CZA are back with a brand new single on Renegade Hardware!

Already established veterans of the scene via their output as Cause 4 Concern, this release sees 2 of the C4C members team up under their solo guises to bring the best of the beats and the bass. With experience comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes the power to create. And both Optiv and CZA have all of these qualities in abundance. With many years of involvement in making music, both producers now feel that they are able to fully express themselves in their own output, and now bring vision and awareness to the two tracks on their latest release.

For the flip, Back To The Future Classic neuro flavours erupt out of this one early, as eerie synths clash with a ridiculously rolling bassline. See your way into the impending doom, as the duo take you on a wild ride. The track stays pretty low, as details are picked out in the drums and atmospheric elements. Things drop down half way through, but then rise up again nicely, as the bass reasserts itself.

This latest single readily demonstrates two producers at the top of their game right now. Get ready!



Renegade Hardware

Video by: