Locals search for survivors after landslide in southwest Colombia

Locals from the rural Colombian village of Rosas in the southwest of the country search for survivors with their shovels as a deadly landslide took the lives of at least seven residents. IMAGES

Venezuela’s Maduro: humanitarian aid is ‘politicised show’ of US

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says that the “false narrative of humanitarian aid … was a politicised show of the US and Colombian governments to intervene in Venezuela”, on the day that the first shipment of Red Cross humanitarian aid arrived in the country. SOUNDBITE

US Pompeo visits Simon Bolivar border bridge with Colombia’s Duque

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visits the Simon Bolivar border bridge between Colombia and Venezuela with Colombian President Ivan Duque, as part as a visit to the border to inspect aid programs supporting Venezuelan refugees. IMAGES

Shakira and Carlos Vives arrive for plagiarism hearing in Madrid

Colombian singers Shakira and Carlos Vives have appeared in a Madrid court to answer allegations by a Cuban-born singer and producer that they plagiarized his work in their award-winning hit “La Bicicleta” (March 27).

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Thousands march in Colombia to defend peace agreement with FARC

Under the slogan “respect for the agreements”, thousands of demonstrators demand that the Colombian government fully implement the peace pact with the former FARC guerrilla, in the face of its controversial intention to modify a part of the text.

Protest against Duque’s reforms of peace agreement with FARC

Thousands protest in Bogota to demand the Colombian government to fully implement the peace agreement with the ex-guerrilla FARC, against the controversial intention to modify part of the text. IMAGES

Colombia holds gay Miss Universe beauty pageant

The Colombian city of Medellin holds its Gay Miss Universe Beauty pageant where transsexuals and drag queens take to the stage and represent a country of their choice after weeks of practicing choreographies and catwalks.

Indigenous protesters continue to block major Colombian highway

Tens of indigenous protesters continue to block a major highway in central-western Colombia for the fifth consecutive day as they await a meeting with President Ivan Duque.