Colombia blames deadly Bogota car bombing on ELN rebels

Defense Minister Guillermo Botero, speaking from the presidential palace, describes the car bombing that killed 21 people at a Bogota police cadet training academy as a “terrorist attack committed by the ELN.” SOUNDBITE

Suspect identified in Bogota car bomb attack: prosecutor

Colombia’s attorney general announces that authorities have fully identified the man who detonated a car with 80 kilos of explosive at a police academy in Bogota, causing nine deaths and 54 injuries. SOUNDBITE

Colombia ‘will not bow to violence’ after car bomb: Duque

Colombian President Ivan Duque vows that his country “will not bow to violence” after an apparent car bomb attack on a police cadet training school in capital Bogota left at least five people dead and 10 injured, according to the city’s mayor. IMAGES of tweet

Costa Rica holds international cat expo

Dozens of cats put their best paw forward at Costa Rica’s International Cat Expo, where pet owners from countries including Mexico, Colombia and others gather to show off their furry feline friends.

Colombians celebrate festival with roasted guinea pigs

Some guinea pigs get costumes up while others end up on the menu as revellers in Colombia celebrate the end of the Black and White carnival.

Revellers in Colombia celebrate ‘Devil’s Carnival’

Colombians take part in the Devil’s Carnival in the western central town of Riosucio, a biennial festival that has its origins in the 19th Century.

Today in History for December 17th

(17 Dec 2018) Wright brothers conduct the first successful manned, powered flight of the airplane. U.S. test-fires the Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile; Simon Bolivar dies in Colombia; television’s Tiny Tim marries his fiancee, Miss Vicky. (Dec. 17th)

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Armed conflict victims celebrate International Human Rights Day

A group of victims of the armed conflict in Colombia commemorate the International Day of Human Rights through art, demanding truth, justice and that it never happens again.

Colombian indigenous leader buried as violence surges

Colombia’s indigenous community holds a funeral for one of two indigenous leaders killed in the past few days, as rights groups warned aboriginals have increasingly been targeted since the country’s right-wing president took office.

Thai director casts Swinton for first film outside his home

Thailand’s Palme d’Or winning filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul is known for his non-linear storytelling and dreamy shooting style, which often carries a strong – if subtle – political message. For his next feature, he’s shooting in Colombia with Tilda Swinton, and promises to bring his key themes — ghosts, memory and politics — with him.