Colombia: Santrich escorted out of prison via helicopter

Former left-wing guerrilla leader Jesus Santrich is escorted out of a penitentiary in Bogota via helicopter, after Colombian police took him back to prison. IMAGES

Women prepare for childbirth amid chaos of Colombia jungle river

Marciana Caycedo is a traditional midwife who lives on Isla Mono, a remote and fluvial island town in the Colombian Pacific that has no drinking water or doctors. Marciana has helped tens of women give birth thanks to the ancestral teachings inherited from her mother, but doctors offering a health service from a visiting aid ship fear complications during these resource-lacking labors.

Former Venezuelan soldiers evicted from Colombia hotel

More than 60 former Venezuelan soldiers are evicted from a hotel in the Colombian border town of Cucuta where they were taking refuge, after they crossed the border following the failed attempt to allow humanitarian aid into Venezuela requested by opposition leader Juan Guaido. IMAGES

Colombia peace body holds presser after demand for Santrich release

Colombia’s Special Jurisdiction for Peace holds presser after ordering “immediate release” of FARC leader Jesus Santrich, indicted for drug trafficking by a US court. IMAGES

Colombia peace body demands release of ex-FARC leader Santrich

The justice of peace in Colombia tweets its demand of immediate release of ex FARC leader Jesus Santrich, detained in a prison in Bogota as of April 2018 and who is wanted by the United States on drug trafficking charges. ANIMATED VIDEO

Venezuela: Deputy Florido holds press conference after fleeing

Demonstrators take to the streets of Caracas to support opposition leader Juan Guaido who urged his supporters to reject fear and maintain nationwide protests against President Nicolas Maduro. Meanwhile, officers defect to neighbouring Colombia, including Deputy Luis Florido, after a failed military uprising.

Venezuelans transform devalued banknotes into works of art

In Colombia, a pair of Venezuelan artists paint portraits of iconic characters on Bolivar banknotes to revalue their country’s beleaguered currency – making its worth, usually hammered by hyperinflation, jump higher than the US dollar.

Cops clash with students upset over govt’s failure to implement reforms in Colombia

Demonstrations at the National University in Bogota turned violent as students clashed with police.

Police reportedly arrested 33 students, who were demonstrating against the failure of the Colombian government to implement education reforms promised last year.



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A Venezuelan woman’s pilgrimage to sell religious statues in Colombia

Venezuelan mother and former bank employee Viviana Bautista crosses into Colombia through border side paths, hand in hand with her young daughter, to buy religious statues and sell them in the border town of Cucuta to avoid going hungry in her crisis-wrecked home country. AND SOUNDBITES

Search for people trapped under rubble continues in Colombia

Locals continue the search for people who might be trapped under rubble, after a mudslide buried eight houses and left at least 17 people dead in southwestern Colombia. IMAGES