Rose Monday: thousands attend parades in Cologne and Mainz

Several thousand spectators gather in the streets of Cologne and Mainz in West Germany for the traditional Rose Monday, famous for its parade floats, marked this year by bad weather conditions.

Cologne carnival kicks off

The Cologne Carnival officially begins with the “Weiberfastnacht”, the women’s carnival. The festivities will last one week. IMAGES of the beginning of the carnival

German astronaut arrives home in Cologne after 197 days on ISS

German astronaut Alexander Gerst arrives home in Cologne after spending 197 days on the International Space Station. Gerst and two other astronauts had a troubled stint on the ISS marred by an air leak and the failure of a rocket set to bring new crew members.

Panic at Cologne railway station amid hostage situation


Following an hours-long standoff, German police have finally apprehended an assailant who took a woman hostage near Cologne central station. The hostage suffered minor injuries, which are being treated.


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Images from the scene of Cologne hostage-taking

German police said Monday that they had subdued and detained a man who took a woman hostage in a pharmacy in Cologne’s central train station. IMAGES from the scene

Protest against Erdogan begins in Cologne

Protesters are gathering in Cologne, a few hours before the arrival of Turkish President Erdogan, where he will visit a mosque. IMAGES.

Germany: First video game featuring Nazi symbols released

Video games marketed in Germany can now legally include Nazi symbols and references, provided that their presence does not serve as propaganda. A Berlin studio is releasing the first video game to feature swastikas and the Nazi salute – a rerelease of a former game which had been modified to remove these references. “Through the Darkest of Times” takes place in Berlin in the 1930s and tells the story of resistance to National Socialism. At Gamescom in Cologne, an international gaming fair, players say they are satisfied with this change in the German law.

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Thousands turn out for Cologne carnival parade

Thousands of carnival-goers take to the streets of Cologne, in western Germany, to take part in the traditional Rose Monday parade of floats, the highlight of the city’s carnival festivities.