CodePink deploys ‘Baby Trump’ blimp | AFP

Left-wing organisation Code Pink is deploying its “Baby Trump” blimp, a large inflated doll depicting the president in nappies, as US President Donald Trump is promising the “show of a lifetime” and prepares to turn the Fourth of July into a personal primetime extravaganza. IMAGES

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Opposing protesters at Venezuelan Embassy in DC

Pro-Juan Guaido protesters squared off in Washington with activists from the group Codepink in front of the Venezuelan Embassy. (April 30)

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VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – September 17, 2014

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The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: angry mob shoves Ukrainian lawmaker in a dumpster outside parliament, Brazilian police clash with squatters in Sao Paulo, and anti-war protesters disrupt U.S. Senate panel on the Islamic State while Iraqi state television promotes a satirical series to poke fun at the militant group.

Politician Shoved Into Dumpster Near Parliament
Vitaly Zhuravsky previously served as an adviser for pro-Russia president Viktor Yanukovych.

Police Clash With Squatters in Sao Paulo
Authorities arrested dozens of people and fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse crowds outside the abandoned hotel.

Anti-War Activists Disrupt Senate Panel on Islamic State
Members of the all-female CODEPINK group chanted slogans at government officials as they presented the White House’s plan to battle the militant group.

A Satirical Take on the Islamic State
​State television series features Satan, Joseph Stalin, the Joker and other colorful characters.

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