Nu:Tone x Degs – Broken (Game Of Clones Sprayout)

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And it’s a Game of Clones
I’m trying to break the mould
Cos I feel like I’m just out here on my own

All these bars bout cussing emcees
identifying insecurities
I never thought the game was in tune with that
but it’s the new gen that wanna come though with that
What they really gonna prove with that?
They live for the hate and they move with that
but humility is what manoeuvres me
and I’m pouring my soul in conclusive raps

But I don’t care if man wanna hurt me,
cos I’m walking my path on my journey,
and internally I’m so torturous
I have doubts will I ever feel worthy?
Will I ever feel certy? Nah,
keyboard warriors qwerty
type bare shit on a Facebook page
but they never get booked man I’m calling em work-free
But listen, I’m going back to the real shit,
manipulating my lexicon is what helps me drive for the realness
I don’t give a fuck if these guys wanna fight me
lyrically or physically,
simple schemes and rhyming ability
same old clones and same negativity
But I don’t wanna hate on that
got respect for the game man I’m stating that,
if these guys wanna flex that’s amazing that,
we should all be supporting the wave on tracks but still
Some minds they operate differently,
back to the bars bout life and the music
it’s live while these MCs take themselves literally

Draw for the soy cause you’re off your noodle,
Friday night, wine and bugle
between the sheets it’s getting brutal
This time in our life’s so crucial,
this time’s supposed to be fruitful,
but our days are spent in hazy states
and arguments it ain’t useful
Like Angela Merkel I’ve come full circle
on promises that I’ve made
I don’t wanna look back
I don’t wanna see that
par for the course you know you don’t play
I’m feeling like I got done,
and I’m feeling like I’ve been torn up
with every diss under the sun

Don’t really wanna test it,
cos my 3rd eye’s saying that I get this,
I want out of here
I don’t like this place I need a referendum like Brexit
Spilling milk I ain’t Nesquik,
all these things you neglected,
na na na na na you can’t talk me round,
I can’t accept it

Man I’ve got my zoot,
I’ve got my brandy and that’s my loot
narcotic ways to brighter days
combine my metaphors like a harvester
sick of charming ya
Cos you’re the crop
it’s like i’m farming ya
when you’re acting up I’m sick of guarding ya,
and that’s the truth

And I’m lost, in the music, man i’m working,
building bridges supporting guys who ain’t earning,
up and comers we’re learning

And it’s a Game of Clones,
I’m trying break the mould
Cos I feel like I’m just out here on my own.

When I’m coming for the money I don’t send the bailiffs,
I use this metaphor cos everyone thinks I’m a sadist
Not used to fixing things the kind of engineer that breaks it,
oh fuck it I’ll just puff my zoot tonight I’m getting faded
But Mary Jane can leave you feeling vacant,
I feel fatigued for all this time I’m spending being hated,
And I’m jaded, in the dance you know i just fake it,
cos trust me in my house, yeah,
I never felt that I made it

Mi casa era tu casa,
but you’re fraudulent like Blatter,
you speak in subtle whispers whilst you hide behind your stature
Spread your wings you always said that was your mantra,
you were my butterfly you flew around
I tried to catch ya

On the microphone I feel bless,
I take these words from my chest,
all these murder bars I don’t rep
Okay just cos I ain’t taking your threats
doesn’t really mean that I don’t wanna flex
don’t wanna let you blackmail me with sex,
back to the root and the square of the set

And I’m isolated
so I still need to get my end away
and I see some chick who’s safe to say
will satisfy my urge on the best of days
But that’s hurting you, I’m aware of that,
I take care of that,
I don’t shove it in your face like a daring clap,
Bluetooth souls I’m pairing that
I’m aware of facts,
I never for take for granted our journey map
only speaking the truth in quirky raps, reconciling?
Yeah I’ve heard of that, I’ma work on that.
Can’t have distractions to my train it’s early on the track,
adventure’s ended we’re re-invented
change implemented girl that’s a rap

And I’m lost, in the music, man i’m working,
building bridges supporting guys who ain’t earning,
up and comers we’re learning

And it’s a Game of Clones
I’m trying break the mould

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