Your Personality Flaw Means You’re Better than Other People

We know you’re looking for a way to rationalize your shitty behavior so we wrote this clickbait article to capitalize on your cognitive dissonance!

Some study that someone published in India 7 years ago that was never considered seriously enough to even bother being debunked stated something that’s not really even related to the headline above. We’re not going to link to it because we’re just here for the ad revenue.

We don’t really know how science works but science has proven that whatever is wrong with you means that you’re smarter, you have better taste in music or something along those lines. Next time someone starts giving you shit over your personality flaws, just remember that you’re better than them in some way and their opinion is of less value than yours. Don’t work on improving yourself. Feel good about yourself the way you are because you’re definitely better than everyone else.