Body in Channel wreckage identified as footballer Sala

A body recovered by British investigators from the submerged wreckage of a plane that went down in the Channel has been identified as that of footballer Emiliano Sala.

Body from wreck of Sala plane taken to Britain

Investigators recovered a body from the wreckage of a plane carrying Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala in the Channel and transported it to Britain for identification.

Boat carrying body from Sala plane wreckage docks in UK

The boat bringing the body recovered from the wreckage of a plane carrying Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala in the Channel docks in southern England. IMAGES of the boat

Father of footballer Sala reacts after wreckage of plane found

Horacio Sala, father of Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala, reacts after investigators found the wreckage of a plane that disappeared in the Channel two weeks ago carrying his son and his pilot, and that a body had been spotted inside.

Guersney coastguards call off search for missing footballer Sala

Guernsey Coast Guard announce they end their search for Premier League player Emiliano Sala, three days after his plane went missing over the Channel. SOUNDBITE

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British react to the yellow vest movement in France

Across the Channel, most British people have little interest in France’s “yellow vest” movement. And while some understand their demands, many are surprised by the acts of violence that have taken place on the Champs-Elysées.

Brexit threat of cross-Channel truck pile-up

Truck drivers on both sides of the Channel have voiced concerns about post-Brexit chaos at the UK-France border. The stakes are high on the British side, especially in Dover, where 10,000 heavy goods vehicles arrive every d ay in a perfectly orchestrated symphony of comings and goings.

“Fears and hopes” among French fishermen as Brexit looms

Scallop fishermen in the Normandy region of France express hopes and fears about the future of their trade as Brexit threatens to redraw battle lines in the Channel.

Love them or hate them – Christmas jumpers land in France

They’re tacky and kitsch, but Santa loves them. And now, Christmas jumpers are finally making their way to France, after a resurgence in their popularity on the other side of the Channel.