We Went To The Fake Sneaker Capital Of China (HBO)

After the sun sets in Putian, thousands of bikes carrying fake sneakers hit the streets.

The lace-up black market is no secret in Putian, and it’s where you can find Chan, a vendor with a knack for getting high-quality pairs off the streets and into the hands of hypebeasts on the other side of the globe.

With rubber, he struck gold.

“I’ve spoken to some of our customers some of them are high school students some are college students university students. So yeah these are our main crowd you generally,” Chan told VICE News. “It’s usually the kids themselves were very resourceful. They understand about replicas they understand that these are high-quality sneakers and they come finding you saying, hey I’d like to buy some high-quality replicas from you.”

And while vendors are subject to police raids and potential lawsuits, Chan has been able to stay afloat. These days, the only thing slowing his business down is nitpicky sneakerheads.

“Unfortunately, it’s just the hard and fast rules of doing business. You meet difficult customers. You’ll meet cheaters, you meet scammers who will be out there to cheat you off a pair of shoes,” Chan said. “So, unfortunately, this kind of thing happens, especially when you’re on a public domain like the Internet.”

VICE News met up with Chan at his headquarters to see how his business is racing ahead.

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Neosignal – Planet Online (Official Video)

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Planet Online, including remixes by Culprate, Rockwell and Rawtekk is out June 10th through Noisia’s Division Recordings. Available exclusively through Beatport from May 27th. Taken from the Neosignal debut album ‘Raum und Zeit’ (Digital + CD) – to be released on June 24th 2013 worldwide.

01. Planet Online
02. Angst
03. Planet Online (Culprate Remix)
04. Planet Online (Rockwell Remix)
05. Angst (Rawtekk Remix)

Shot in a style that borrows from early Nineties children’s toy commercials, the video for ‘Planet Online’ uses toys and analogue objects to create a physical reconstruction of the current online landscape, where current internet brands including Buzzfeed, Facebook, Instagram, 4 Chan, YouTube, Twitter, YouPorn) fight for our online attention. Guest appearances come from Wikileaks, Anonymous, ACTA, The Pirate Bay, Megaupload and beyond.

Video created by Dent De Cuir – www.dentdecuir.com

Jean-Philippe from Dent De Cuir:
“The idea behind the video was to look at how the next generation are interacting with the internet and are faced with an ever expanding range of content. We employed early 1990’s advertising aesthetics so we could recreate the internet by using toys as the media. It was an exciting (and intense) experience that felt like being back in childhood for 2 months”

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Division Recordings
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Disclaimer: This music video is not endorsed by or associated with any of the brands featured.