Devin Nunes’ Democratic Opponent Is Raising Money Off His Memo (HBO)

Within 72 hours of Devin Nunes’ memo dropping, his Democratic opponent raked in over $300,000 in protest contributions.

Andrew Janz is a first-time candidate, running as a Democrat to take over the Congressional seat from incumbent Devin Nunes. But you would be forgiven for not knowing much about Janz’s platform – his campaign’s first big win came from putting up a billboard making fun of Nunes and Donald Trump.

This seems like a bad idea in a traditionally Republican district in which Nunes won handily last time around, and where Donald Trump has a strong support base.

But it seems to be working. Janz just opened up his official campaign office on Friday, and Nunes’ memo has had the effect of actually getting his opponent extra attention.

“Every time he opens his mouth,” Janz says, “we set records raising money.”

VICE News went to Clovis to find out how the memo is affecting Central Californian politics.

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