First group of migrants start trek across Mexico

The first members of a new caravan of Central American migrants trying to reach the United States start walking across southern Mexico after earlier crossing the Guatemala-Mexico border. IMAGES

Central American migrants cross Suchiate river into Mexico

Central American migrants cross the Suchiate river into southern Mexican territory as a new caravan of migrants tries to reach the United States. IMAGES

Texas struggles to meet needs as migrant numbers surge

Volunteers work around the clock to assist exhausted Central American migrants in El Paso, Texas. The Department of Homeland Security has said 60 percent of the population crossing the US-Mexico border are children or family units, a relatively recent surge that the system has not been designed to cope with.

Analysis: Asylum seekers at historic high level

(27 Nov 2018) A policy expert of the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington, D.C. says Central American migrants seeking asylum in the United States has reached a “historical high level.” (Nov. 27)

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Mexico: Defeat, despair and deportation for migrants

Mexico deported scores of Central American migrants arrested after hundreds forced their way through a Mexican police blockade and headed for the United States but were met with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Migrants attempt to cross US-Mexico border fence

Hundreds of Central American migrants attempt to cross the US-Mexico border illegally in Tijuana, forcing US officials to close its border crossing in southern California. IMAGES

Central American migrants try to breach US-Mexico border fence

Hundreds of Central American migrants attempt to storm a border fence separating Mexico from the United States amid mounting fears they will be kept in Mexico while their applications for asylum are processed. IMAGES