Mobile cinema promotes “peace” in the Central African Republic

Despite the outbreak of violence in the Central African Republic, a small group of volunteers is roaming the roads of the country, screening films in the most remote regions. In Bayanga, a pygmy region in the south-west of Central African Republic, where few people have ever seen a cinema screen, the Travelling Digital Cinema broadcasts educational films to sensitize people to contemporary societal issues.

Two out of three children in CAR in need of aid: UNICEF

After years of armed conflict in the Central African Republic, there are currently 1.5 million children, or two out of three children, who are in desperate need of humanitarian aid in the country, says UNICEF.

Gabon’s Baka people continue elephant hunding despite ban

In northern Gabon, the equatorial forest is everywhere and many consider it dangerous… except Baka Pygmies, who know every nook and cranny. The Baka people are held in folklore to be Africa’s oldest inhabitants, living today in forests stretching from Gabon and Cameroon inland to the Congos and the Central African Republic.

Capoeira helps unite the Central African Republic

Every Sunday, young people from all walks of life gather at Bangui’s “20,000 Places Stadium” in the Central African Republic to learn Capoeira and rebuild bonds that have been damaged by war and violence that has plagued their country for years.

Becker claims diplomatic immunity in bankcruptcy case

Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker is claiming diplomatic immunity from ongoing bankruptcy proceedings in the UK on the basis that he is an ambassador for the Central African Republic.

ICC acquits DR Congo’s Bemba on appeal

International war crimes judges acquit former Congolese vice president Jean-Pierre Bemba on appeal, overturning an 18-year sentence for war crimes committed in the Central African Republic in 2002-3. SOUNDBITE

Down but not out: Lord’s Resistance Army haunts C.Africa

There were several thousand of them before 2011, and only a hundred today, yet the Lord’s Resistance Army continues to claim victims in Obo, in the extreme southeast of the Central African Republic. Since the departure of US and Ugandan troops who considerably weakened Joseph Kony’s notorious militia, the LRA no longer encounters any resistance.

Africa Weekly – a round up of news and features from Africa

This week on Africa Weekly, we travel to Nigeria where over 30,000 Cameroonians from English-speaking regions have fled regime repression, we meet the Congolese seeking refuge in neighbouring Uganda, and we go to Central African Republic where, in a country of thousands of ethnic groups gripped by conflict, dance is proving a unifying force. FOR SUBSCRIBERS OF AFRICA WEEKLY ONLY

Africa Weekly – a round up of news and features from Africa

This week on Africa Weekly, we focus on Liberia’s longstanding land dispute, one of the key challenges facing George Weah’s nascent presidency, we meet the first cohort of former rebels to join the national army in Central African Republic and we travel to Chad where families are feeling the pinch of austerity measures. FOR SUBSCRIBERS OF AFRICA WEEKLY ONLY