C. African educational farm develops innovative techniques

Environmentalist farmer Pascal Bida Koyagbele campaigned in France against GMOs and returned to Central Africa to create an organic farm in Bangui where he has since trained “soldiers of the earth”. The President of the Association of Central African Agricultural Workers’ Association (APC), which is based Bangui, launched an organic farm in the capital last year where he grows fruits and vegetables.

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This week on Africa Weekly, we focus on Madagascar where, in the run up to the country’s presidential election, corruption still reigns, and we take you to Central Africa’s Bamingui Bangoran park where forest rangers are risking their lives to save the region’s dwindling wildlife.FOR SUBSCRIBERS OF AFRICA WEEKLY ONLY

C.Africa’s forest rangers in the rebel firing line

The forest rangers of Central Africa’s Bamingui Bangoran park cannot just focus on saving the region’s dwindling wildlife: they have themselves to protect too. Often armed with little more than Kalashnikov assault rifles, these men have to contend with rebel groups who can be far better equipped than they are.