This Is the “Legal Arm Of The Pro-life Movement” (HBO)

Today marks the 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion in 1973. But almost 50 years later, access to abortion has become increasingly difficult for the more than half of American women who live in states that don’t support it.

The recent surge in abortion restrictions can largely be attributed to the non-profit organization, Americans United for Life. The AUL calls itself the legal arm of the pro-life movement, and for good reason. Today marks the release of the 13th edition of their “Defending Life” playbook — a collection of pre-written anti-abortion laws the group will give to state legislators. Since 2011, the AUL has been responsible for about a hundred pro-life bills that are now law.

VICE News sat down with Catherine Glenn Foster, AUL president and CEO, to talk about why the group has had so much success over the last decade.

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