Venezuela’s Guaido talks to press before entering National Assembly | AFP

Venezuelan opposition leader and National Assembly president Juan Guaido talks to media before making his way into the parliament building in Caracas, on the same that he has called for mass protests against President Nicolas Maduro. IMAGES

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UN rights chief Bachelet arrives in Venezuela | AFP

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet arrives at the Simon Bolivar International Airport near Caracas for her visit to Venezuela. IMAGES

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Venezuelans adopt recycling to make ends meet

In Venezuela, the financial hopes of Eliset González are riding on a niche trade. Each day, González sits at a marketplace kiosk in Caracas and repairs broken light bulbs for people who can’t afford new ones in the crisis-torn nation. (June 11)

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Venezuela: Deputy Florido holds press conference after fleeing

Demonstrators take to the streets of Caracas to support opposition leader Juan Guaido who urged his supporters to reject fear and maintain nationwide protests against President Nicolas Maduro. Meanwhile, officers defect to neighbouring Colombia, including Deputy Luis Florido, after a failed military uprising.

3 options for US to fix Venezuela: Negotiate, intervene, or hope your opponent gives up

The US is running an unprecedented campaign to oust legitimate Venezuelan authorities, the Russian Foreign Minister said. He noted it’s typical of Washington to tell nations they are waging war against that US intentions are good.

“The attempts to force the change of government in Caracas have nothing in common with the democratic process and only undermine the prospects of a political solution,” Sergey Lavrov said, during a media conference with his Venezuelan counterpart Jorge Arreaza in Moscow. He explained that the “unprecedented Washington-led campaign to oust the legitimate government” is “in rude violation of the international law.”



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