South Africans with disabilities take to the waves

Muizenberg Beach in Cape Town is a world hotspot for surfers. Now, the Surf Emporium surf school is helping both adults and children with disabilities catch a wave.

Attack of the small screens: Africa eyes mobile gaming boom

The Africa Games Week, in Cape Town, South Africa, looks at promoting the continent’s video game industry, by bringing together developers and partners from both Africa and abroad.

Africa’s first artificial intelligence conference opens

Attendees at the Artificial Intelligence Expo in Cape Town show off cutting edge data-gathering technology, security devices and facial recognition ordering applications while debating the ethics of AI and the risk of job losses posed by automation.

AP Top Stories August 28 P

(28 Aug 2018) Here are the top stories for Tuesday, August 28th: Voters pick candidates for Arizona Senate; Questions raised over US-Mexico trade deal; Hundreds pay respect to Aretha Franklin; British PM Theresa May dances during a Cape Town school visit.

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Theresa May shows off her moves in Cape Town

British Prime Minister Theresa May shows off some dance moves with students from ID Mkhize Secondary School in Cape Town whilst on a diplomatic visit to South Africa.

May makes first visit to Africa as British PM

British Prime Minister Theresa May touched down in Cape Town as she kicked-off a tour of the African continent. IMAGES of arrival PM Theresa May

Giant can mosaic pays tribute to Nelson Mandela

South Africa marks 100 years since Nelson Mandela’s birth, among the many tributes to the late anti-apartheid icon is a giant mosaic made out cans in Cape Town.

Tow-an-iceberg plan to save Cape Town from drought

It is a plan as crazy as the situation is desperate — towing an iceberg from Antarctica to Cape Town to supply fresh water to a city facing a long-term chronic drought.

S.Africa’s black majority battles apartheid urban planning

Twenty-four years after apartheid, land ownership remains a sensitive subject in South Africa. A mostly white minority live close to central business districts, while the majority of black South Africans live in informal settlements on the outskirts, which keep growing. A group of 300 illegal building occupants in the heart of Cape Town are taking matters into their own hands.