Masterclass: Cannabinoïden en Terpenen | Cannabis University | Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag 2017

NL: Cannabis Career verzorgt beroepstrainingen voor coffeeshopmedewerkers. Mede oprichter Dennis De Rosa Spiering gaf in de Cannabis University op Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag 2017 een masterclass over cannabinoïden en terpenen, de belangrijkste werkzame stoffen in cannabis. Meer over Cannabis Career:

EN: Cannabis Career provides vocational training for coffeeshop employees. Co-founder Dennis De Rosa Spiering presented a masterclass on cannabinoids and terpenes, the main active ingredients in cannabis inside the Cannabis University at Cannabis Liberation Day 2017.

Note: we are considering translating this master class. Until then, you’ll have to use the ‘subtitles’ option in YouTube.

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