Nigerians disagree over legacy of a 19th century Fulani Muslim ruler | AFP

In Sokoto, an old city in northern Nigeria, Usmane Dan Fodio’s tomb attracts pilgrims from all over West Africa. For many Muslims, this scholarly and reformist Fulani is considered a saint. In 1808, he established the Caliphate of Sokoto, an Islamic state that extended from Burkina Faso to Cameroon.

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High spirit for African teams ahead of women’s World Cup | AFP

Three African teams have qualified for football’s Women’s World Cup in France : Nigeria, Cameroon and South Africa. AFP reviews each squad. A VOICED AFPTV REPORT

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Cameroonian mechanic offers fresh take on second-hand cars

In Bafoussam, in western Cameroon, young mechanic Cédric Simen shows off his latest creation: an off-road vehicle made from recovered and recycled parts. His atypical “made in Cameroon” car tends to get a surprised reaction from local residents as he drives around the streets of the city.

Cameroonian villagers assess damage done by stampeding elephants

Residents of Bougai, village in the north of Cameroon, are struggling to deal with the issue of hungry elephants marauding through their crops. This is not the first time that pachyderms have left the reserve to feed in the village’s millet and sorghum plantations. But this time, the elephants also destroyed several local huts.

Cameroon: 187 ex-Boko Haram fighters surrender arms

Some 187 Cameroonian former members of the Nigerian jihadist group Boko Haram voluntarily return to their country from Nigeria. They were taken to the base of the Multinational Joint Task Force, set up by Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

Cameroon: thousands of Nigerian refugees flee Boko Haram attacks

Thousands of Nigerian citizens have been forced to flee their homes as radical Islamist group Boko Haram wreak havoc in the northeast of Nigeria. Many have crossed the border, into Cameroon. Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari is seeking re-election on Saturday 16th February. He came to power in 2015 on a promise to defeat Boko Haram.