No hooks or lines: Cambodians go traditional in fishing ceremony

Wielding handmade bamboo baskets and nylon nets, hundreds of people waded thigh-deep into a muddy lake in eastern Cambodia on Sunday for an annual fish-catching ceremony where only traditional tools are used.

Cambodia celebrates 40th anniversary of Khmer Rouge ouster

Tens of thousands of Cambodians join strongman premier Hun Sen to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the ouster of the brutal Khmer Rouge. IMAGES

Bricked in by poverty, Cambodia’s farmers fight debt bondage

Cambodia’s brick-making factories are luring labourers by assuming crippling debts in exchange for long hours and low wages in a system that rights groups say amounts to modern-day slavery.

Cambodian Khmer Rouge leaders sentenced to life for genocide

Two senior leaders of Cambodia’s former Khmer Rouge regime were pronounced guilty for the genocide of minorities in a landmark ruling issued almost 40 years after the fall of a brutal regime that left a quarter of the population dead.

Cambodia sets new record for world’s longest dragon boat

Cambodia breaks the Guinness World Record for building a 87.3 meters-long wooden dragon boat. The previous record was set by China in 2016.

Hidden history: Radar probes mass graves from Khmer Rouge era

A man walks gingerly over a small field in rural Cambodia, pushing a lawnmower-like contraption that deploys ground-penetrating radar to unearth clues of mass graves. The pilot project is twinning technology and fieldwork to locate remains of victims of the Khmer Rouge, the ultra-Maoist regime whose quest to build an agrarian utopia from 1975-1979 left an estimated two million Cambodians dead.

Cambodia’s ‘Rubbish Man’ schools children — for trash

Located in a lush national park in Cambodia, the Coconut School is built almost entirely from recycled waste and is the brainchild of Ouk Vanday, nicknamed the Rubbish Man, a former hotel manager who dreams of a trash-free Cambodia.