How The Man Who Challenged Tesla Went Bankrupt

Faraday Future, a California-based electric-car startup and Tesla’s once rival, generated buzz in 2015 as the company poached top talent from Tesla, BMW, Audi, Ford, and Ferrari. Called “Tesla killer,” Faraday’s meteoric rise in notoriety occurred on dubious underpinnings — the company did not promise a product, nor did it announce any concrete plans for its first few years of operation. The mystery surrounding Faraday was only matched by its enigmatic cofounder and CEO, Jia “YT” Yueting, the billionaire businessman who founded multiple telecom companies in China but left abruptly to become the CEO of Faraday. We took a look at YT and Faraday Future’s promise, the financial woes that led them both to bankruptcy, and YT’s relationship with the reanimated Faraday today.

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How The Man Who Challenged Tesla Went Bankrupt

Artist MADSTEEZ honors release of new ‘Terminator’ film with giant mural | AFP

California-based artist Mark Paul Deren, aka “MADSTEEZ” paints a mural of “Terminator: Dark Fate” in New York ahead of the much-anticipated release of franchise’s latest film on November 1st.

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Flying behemoth: 6-engine air monster’s initial flight

With twin fuselages and a wing of a size of a football field, the gigantic ‘Stratolaunch’ plane is designed to make propelling rockets into space easier and cheaper than traditional ground-based launch pads.

Built by California-based company Scaled Composites (owned by Northrop Grumman), the ginormous plane is designed to ferry rockets and various types of spacecraft into orbit.

On Friday, it successfully completed its first test flight, flying for two-and-a-half hours above the California’s Mojave Desert without an issue.


Courtesy: Stratolaunch Systems Corp


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Small satellites to launch from Virginia coast

(18 Oct 2018) Rocket Lab, a California-based startup, says it will launch small satellites into orbit from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. (Oct. 18)

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