Myanmar’s former ‘Mr Burma’ still pumping iron at 91 | AFP

Flexing his oiled, bulging biceps and pecs, 91-year-old one-time bodybuilding champion Sein Maung admires himself in the mirror before starting to pump iron in his Myanmar gym. The barrel-chested nonagenarian’s career has spanned some 70 years, both pre-dating and outlasting the country’s half-century of junta rule.

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First health check for two red panda twins cubs | AFP

Two nine-week-old red pandas are checked for the first time by caretakers at Chester Zoo in UK. The examination reveals that the twins are a male and a female in good health. The population of red pandas, listed as endangered, has declined by 40% over the past fifty years. According to the zoo, 10,000 red pandas still live freely in their natural habitats in Nepal, Bhutan, Burma and southern China.

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Myanmar’s Rohingya | AFP Animé

Two years after the start of the influx of Rohingya refugees from Burma to Bangladesh, hostility has increased. Videographic on the Rohingyas. VIDEOGRAPHIC

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‘What’s wrong with being a Muslim?’: Petition to strip Suu Kyi of Nobel Prize gains 400k+ signatures

Suu Kyi was awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 1991 for her activism against the military junta in Burma (now Myanmar) which resulted in her house arrest for 15 years, from which she was released in 2010. In 2015, Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy won the general election, and she became de-facto leader of the country under the official title of state counsellor.


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An Uncertain Future for Myanmar’s Refugees

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In July, the Royal Thai Army announced plans to deport refugees back to Myanmar — formerly known as Burma — where, after 66 years of civil war, government forces and ethnic rebel groups are still fighting.

Today, around 130,000 refugees from the conflict live in Thailand, in 10 encampments along the border with Myanmar. The camps have been safe havens for generations of Burmese too afraid to return to their war-torn homeland. Many evacuees come from poverty-stricken areas, littered with land mines. In some cases, the areas have been staging grounds for armed resistance, and human rights activists say that mass repatriation could bring insecurity to the border region.

Though the refugee compounds are notoriously closed off, VICE News gained exclusive access to the Mae Ra Ma Luang camp. We spoke to evacuees about their life in the compounds, and what repatriation would mean for their livelihoods.

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VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines – April 18, 2014.

The VICE News Capsule is a daily roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Edward Snowden asks Vladimir Putin about Russia’s spy program, journalists in Thailand face charges for reporting on human trafficking, Peruvian police forcibly remove squatters in the Amazon, and the FBI releases a video urging overseas students not to become spies for China.

Snowden Asks Putin About Russia’s Spy Program
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden called in to a talk show via Webcam and asked Vladimir Putin if Russia has a massive data surveillance program similar to the USA’s.

Journalists Face Charges for Reporting on Human Trafficking
Two journalists are facing charges in Thailand after publishing a report that implicates the Thai navy in the human trafficking of Rohingya muslims from Burma.

Police Forcibly Remove Squatters In The Amazon
Police in Peru’s Amazon basin forcefully removed two thousand people who they accuse of illegally living and farming on government land.

FBI Video Urges Overseas Students Not to Become Spies
The FBI has released a short film aimed at convincing students studying abroad not to become spies for China.

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