Argentine knitters denounce macho violence and remember victims

Women gather at a park in Buenos Aires to knit the names of women murdered in the country, in a sign of protest against murder of women and as a vindictive statement from a traditionally domestic activity.

Venezuela’s Guaido gives presser in Buenos Aires

Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido makes an appereance in Argentina as he continues a tour of regional allies to rally international support. IMAGES

Hundreds of women protest in Buenos Aires for legal abortion

Hundreds of women demonstrate in front of the Congress in Buenos Aires to relaunch the campaign for legal abortion, after the setback the bill suffered in the Senate last year.

Argentina: Thousands protest against Macri’s economic policies

Protesters pack the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires and criticise Mauricio Macri’s economic policies which, they say, are making them lose jobs and impoverishing the country.

Argentines protest against public service price hikes

Thousands of people demonstrate in Buenos Aires against new price hikes in public services in a march called by trade unions, left parties and social movements.

Buenos Aires museum unveils skeleton of extinct marine reptile

The Bernardino Rivadavia Natural Sciences Argentine Museum in Buenos Aires unveils the skeleton of a giant plesiosaurus, an extinct marine reptile discovered in cretaceous rocks near Argentino Lake, in the province of Santa Cruz.

Fans hold send-off for Boca Juniors before Libertadores final

Hundreds of Boca Juniors fans in Buenos Aires cheer for their players as they head to Madrid to play the second leg of the Copa Libertadores final against their archrival River Plate on Sunday