NATO Foreign Ministers meeting begins

NATO foreign ministers gather for a meeting in Brussels. IMAGES of the top of the meeting of the North Atlantic Council

People in Brussels march for climate justice ahead of COP24

Belgians march for climate justice in Brussels, ahead of the United Nations’ conference COP24, which kicks off in Poland. IMAGES of the march

‘Yellow vest’ protest in Brussels turns violent

Belgian anti-riot police use water cannons to disperse stone-throwing “yellow vest” protesters who burned two police vehicles in central Brussels.

Incidents during a protest of 300 “yellow vests” in Brussels

Incidents mark a demonstration of around three hundred Belgian “yellow vests” in Brussels, the first rally organised in the Belgian capital by the protest movement. IMAGES

In sadness, EU leaders approve Brexit deal

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says the Brexit deal fills her with sadness. President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker announces the EU are satisfied with the results obtained at a summit in Brussels after accepting Britain’s deal to withdraw from the bloc, but that it was in no way “cause for champagne, nor applaud”. British Prime Minister Theresa May warned rebellious MPs in London this was the best and only option available.

Brexit: ‘One of the most significant votes for Parliament’ (May)

UK Prime minister Theresa May speaks in Brussels on what the future holds for Britain post-Brexit. European Union leaders approved a historic Brexit deal at a special EU summit. SOUNDBITE