Coronavirus: Second train evacuating patients to Brittany departs from Paris | AFP

The second fully medicalised high-speed train evacuating coronavirus patients from Ile-de-France to Brittany passes through the Paris suburbs after leaving Paris-Austerlitz station. On board are 12 patients who will be taken care of in Rennes. IMAGES

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Coronavirus patients rushed to Brest from overstretched Mulhouse | AFP

Ambulances arrive in Brest, on the western tip of Brittany, with four coronavirus-infected patients flown from Mulhouse in the east of France. The east of France is a coronavirus hotbed which is struggling to contain the situation. It is the fourth time inside a week the French air force has been deployed to help evacuate patients from Mulhouse hospital. IMAGES

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Strong winds and waves as storm Dennis hits western France | AFP

After wreaking havoc in Great Britain, storm Dennis hits the western France region of Brittany. Onlookers watch the waves battering the coast as a few intrepid surfers brave the elements. IMAGES

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French island aims to run exclusively on renewable energy | AFP

The French island of Saint-Nicolas des Glénan, off the coast of Brittany, already has a wind turbine, two solar power plants and photovoltaic panels, but now the island is hoping to become the first French island to run exclusively on renewable energy. The Glénan archipelago welcomes around 3,000 visitors per day and houses the largest sailing academy in Europe.

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French priests take part in Clergy Cycling Championship

Priests, monks, deacons and a pastor are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the French Clergy Cycling Championships, competing in the race which is being held in Brittany for the first time.

Brittany’s isolated Oyster House stands strong in Saint-Cado

Nestled in the River Etel, just miles from the Atlantic coast, the Oyster House of Saint-Cado continues to endure the test of time on an island measuring only 25 metres at high tide. Built in 1894, the house is a draw for seagulls and tourists, who come to marvel at its quirky charm.

French town of Portsall remembers oil spill, forty years on

When Liberian supertanker Amoco Cadiz capsized near French shores 40 years ago, the crude oil it was carrying devastated the coast of Brittany. In Portsall, the local town hardest hit by the spill, local residents remember the catastrophe, and the court case that made history.

Handicapped student takes on French administration

Elodie Le Saout has come a long way from her home in France’s western region of Brittany. She now studies at one of the capital’s most renowned universities, Sciences Po. But to get there, Le Saout had to fight for her right to adequate accommodation, and travel is a daily challenge.